Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

The hair transplant cost in Delhi entirely depends on the clinic. It varies as per the experience and the use of advanced machinery. However, the average cost of hair transplantation in Delhi is quite affordable to the people. However, after the transplantation is done, the results will be so satisfying that you will feel the cost was worth it.

How is the hair transplant cost calculated?

The hair transplant cost is typically calculated on a per graft basis. For acid burn victims, surgery is done free of cost. Our hair transplant package is very comprehensive and includes fees related to OT, surgeon, medical consumables, and patient room. We follow a transparent cost structure with all-inclusive packages that cover pre-surgery blood tests, growth factor therapy sessions, and post hair transplant surgery kit.

What are the influential factors that affect hair transplant cost in India?

Below is the list of factors that can influence the hair transplant cost in India:

  • Consider Graft Wastage
  • Transparency in the actual No. of grafts implanted
  • Grafts survival rate - if grafts are kept longer outside the body, their chances to survive and grow fades.
  • Expertise and experience of the hair transplant surgeon and his team - If proper hygiene and safety majors are not maintained, major complications can happen.
  • Surgical Infrastructure and facilities at the center

Poorly implemented hair transplant surgeries often require repair surgery afterward that eventually increases the final cost. On the other hand, surgeries done by experienced surgeons are permanent and encourage long-term cost savings.

MedLinks offers the best hair transplant cost in Delhi and Gurgaon

At MedLinks, we deliver the best results at the most affordable cost. We secure a high success rate while ensuring minimal damage to the donor area. We utilize the real-time feather touch implantation technology that allows us to deliver more natural results compared to other traditional hair transplants. Furthermore, our specialized surgeons assure you with more desirable results than any other hair transplant center in Delhi and Gurgaon.

All the surgeries at MedLinks are done by Dr. Gaurang Krishna and his in-house expert team of technicians in a world-class facility which is a value for money in itself.

Calculate the cost of hair transplantation as per your baldness level

We at MedLinks have made a simple Hair Transplant Cost calculator that helps our team to calculate an estimated cost of hair transplantation based on the selected grade of hair loss and the number of hair grafts required.

Use the cost calculator to know your estimated hair transplant surgery cost at MedLinks.

What factors affect the cost of hair transplant in Delhi?
  • The Degree of Baldness:
  • The degree of your baldness determines the cost of transplantation. Greater the degree of baldness, the greater the time and hair transplant cost in Delhi.

  • Grafts:
  • Grafts basically are the hair that is being transplanted. Thus, more the number of grafts, more will be the cost of hair transplantation. If the density of hair is to be kept higher, more number of grafts will be required. For each graft, hair transplant cost in Delhi varies from Rs. 20 to Rs. 100.

  • Technique:
  • Amongst the various techniques used for hair transplantation, the major ones are FUE and FUT. Depending on your scalp and baldness, the technique you will require for hair transplantation is different and so is the hair transplant cost in Delhi. In most of the cases, FUE is costlier than FUT.

  • Sessions:
  • The entire process of hair transplantation may or may not be completed in a single session. You may also have to visit the clinic multiple times if the hair transplantation takes time. The more the number of sessions you will require, the more will be the hair transplant cost in Delhi.

  • Experience:
  • To ensure high precision and low risk, you must go to a clinic that has a team of experienced surgeons. Their experience will help you to have a good experience of the entire treatment. Thus, the clinics that are professional and experienced charge a bit higher cost of hair transplant in Delhi than others.

What are different hair transplant techniques and their cost?

After examining your hair scalp, the doctor will suggest you with the best suitable hair transplantation technique. Below described are two major types of hair transplantation technique:

  • FUE:
  • FUE, that is Follicular Unit Extraction, is done by using advanced machines. Using the devices, individual hair is extracted precisely and then is transplanted without any delay. Per 1000 grafts, the cost of hair transplant in Delhi is around Rs. 45,000.

  • FUT:
  • This is the best technique for people having a large area of baldness. Also referred to as a strip technique, the hair can be transplanted mostly in a single session in this hair transplantation technique. On talking about the cost of hair transplant in Delhi, per 1000 grafts, the average comes out to be Rs. 35,000.

What are different hair transplant types and their cost?

If you are facing hair loss on the facial region, even that can be treated by hair transplantation. People majorly get it done on their beard or eyebrows. The cost of hair transplant in Delhi may vary around Rs. 30,000 depending on the number of grafts and the hair transplantation technique.

In artificial hair transplantation, hair made using bio-fiber are used for transplantation.

This type is best for the people who want it done at a lower hair transplant cost in Delhi. Also, if the hair present at your back or side of the scalp can not be used as grafts, then one can opt for artificial hair transplantation.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic by Analyzing Cost Benefits?

Hair transplantation can enhance your appearance and give you a young look if the procedure is performed properly. High precision is required to achieve the best results. This is the reason why you should be selective about the hair transplantation clinic and not worry about the cost of hair transplant in Delhi.

If the clinic is offering quality and the best results, paying for a bit higher hair transplant cost in Delhi, can be worth it.

If you are looking for the treatment being done at the cheaper rates, then you may have to compromise with the results. Therefore, a bit higher cost of hair transplant in Delhi can be paid to enhance your appearance. A clinic can be best analyzed by having a conversation with their past patients. However, our clinic offers the best hair transplantation at an affordable rate. We have advanced devices and professional staff that will ensure maximum comfort during the entire procedure. Your cost of hair transplant in Delhi will be worth it!

cost of hair transplant in delhi
Grade: 2

Approx Area: 40 cm2

Avg. Density: 40 per cm2

No. of Grafts: 1600

Session: 1

hair transplant cost in delhi
Grade: 3

Approx Area: 80-100 cm2

Avg. Density: 35 per cm2

No. of Grafts: 2500-3500

Session: 1

cost of hair transplant in delhi
Grade: 4

Approx Area: 110-130 cm2

Avg. Density: 30-35 per cm2

No. of Grafts: 3500-4500

Session: 1

hair transplant cost in delhi
Grade: 5

Approx Area: 180-200 cm2

Avg. Density: 28-30 cm2

No. of Grafts: 5000-6000

Session: 2

cost of hair transplant in delhi
Grade: 6

Approx Area: 200 cm2

Avg. Density: 28-30 cm2

No. of Grafts: 6000

Session: 2


Hair Transplant Cost Calculation

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