Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Cost

Cost plays a major role and acts as a decision-making factor for people looking to undergo hair restoration/transplant surgery. Having the best combination of world class facilities and high quality doctors, MedLinks delivers unparalleled results at affordable prices. We offer both all-inclusive and exclusive hair transplant packages.

How is the hair transplant surgery cost calculated?

The hair transplant cost in Delhi, Gurgaon is generally calculated on per graft basis for sessions involving less than 1500 grafts. Whereas for larger sessions, we offer a standard price in order to make the surgery more economical. Our hair transplant package is very comprehensive and includes the fees for OT, surgeon, medical consumables and patient room. We leverage a transparent cost structure with all-inclusive packages which incorporate pre-surgery blood tests, growth factor therapy sessions and post hair transplant surgery kit.

Why MedLinks is the best hair transplant clinic in terms of cost?

At MedLinks, you get the best quality at the most affordable cost. We live up to our word and more often than not, end up implanting more than the number of promised grafts. Our success rate is one of the highest and damage rate to donor area is the lowest giving you over 10% advantage over other hair transplant centers in Delhi NCR.

We utilize the real time feather touch implantation technology which enables us to deliver 7-8% better results compared to the traditional hair transplant.

Our specialized surgeons assure to provide you with 20-25% more desirable hair than any other hair transplant center in Delhi and Gurgaon in India, hence making the hair transplant cost affordable for you.

Don't get trapped to a hair transplant clinic in Delhi where the USP is only low cost. They may not be having the expertise and excellent results to show and convince you for a surgery hence they offer cheap hair transplant cost. But at Medlinks Hair Transplant, all the surgeries are done by Dr. Gaurang and his in-house expert team of technicians in a world class facility which is a value for money in itself.

What factors influence the hair transplant cost in India?

Below is the list of factors that can influence the hair transplant cost in India:

What is the cost of hair transplant surgery at MedLinks?

We have made a simple Hair Transplant Cost Calculator which will calculate the estimated cost of hair transplant based on your grade of hair loss and the no. of grafts required. Use the cost calculator to know more about the hair transplant surgery cost.

Grade: 2

Approx Area: 40 cm2

Avg. Density: 40 per cm2

No. of Grafts: 1600

Session: 1

Grade: 3

Approx Area: 80-100 cm2

Avg. Density: 35 per cm2

No. of Grafts: 2500-3500

Session: 1

Grade: 4

Approx Area: 110-130 cm2

Avg. Density: 30-35 per cm2

No. of Grafts: 3500-4500

Session: 1

Grade: 5

Approx Area: 180-200 cm2

Avg. Density: 28-30 cm2

No. of Grafts: 5000-6000

Session: 2

Grade: 6

Approx Area: 200 cm2

Avg. Density: 28-30 cm2

No. of Grafts: 6000

Session: 2


Hair Transplant Cost Calculation

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