Scarring Alopecia

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Scarring Alopecia Treatment

Scarring alopecias are particular group of hair disorders where the skin is also hit along with the hair follicles. This leads to complete loss of appendages (hair, sweat and oil glands) and smoothening of skin or scarring. The blood supply or the vasculature also gets compromised.

Examples of scarring alopecias are: Burns, Psudo pelade, frontal fibrosing alopecia etc.

Medical treatment of these disorders is restricted to only limiting the soread of the disease. The damage is irreversible. It means that hair lost in these alopecias can never grow back. Thus, hair transplant remains the only way to grow hair on these patches.

However, the graft receptibility is very limited. Hence only experienced hair transplant centres in Delhi should take up such cases.

There are certain differences than a conventional hair transplant. They are:

  • A skin biopsy is performed to check for the activity of disease. If the disease is active then hair transplant is deferred as there are high chances of a result failure. The procedure is undertaken only in biopsy proven, inactive disease.
  • Test patch to check the success.
  • Low density hair transplant as the skin has limited capacity to support growth of new hair roots. If needed, a second or third pass can be done to enhance the density.

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