Perfect - i After surgery

July 10, 2024

After Surgery

While our surgeons are experts at performing the Perfect - i procedure and delivering desirable results to patients, it is important for patients to take some post-surgery precautions to ensure speedy recovery:

Day of Perfect - i

  • We discharge our patients with a head bandage after the procedure. We advise them not to remove it before going to the bed.
  • While sleeping, keep your head elevated. In case the donor area oozes, place a towel under your head.
  • In case of bleeding, use a sterile gauze to apply continuous and steady pressure on the bleeding area.

A Day after Perfect - i

  • Remove the head bandage carefully before taking a shower the next day.
  • Take 3 showers and gently shampoo the scalp, in the morning, noon and night respectively. Wash your hair gently to ensure the scalp is free of blood or crust. After 2-3 days, shower twice on a daily basis.
  • In case of temporary swelling, use cold compression on forehead, 2 to 3 times a day, for almost 15 minutes.

Precautionary Measures after Perfect - i

Although Perfect - i offers a quick recovery time, patients can expect their newly transplanted hair to grow after 10 weeks. They get long enough to be groomed in about 6 months, and fully grown in 1 year after the surgery. However, patients should take necessary precautions for ensuring most promising results.

Here is a list of precautions that patients need to follow after the surgery:

  • Don’t sleep or lie on your face as it might cause swelling. Sleep with your head elevated to 30 degrees, at least for 3 days.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or alcoholic beverages for at least 3 days after the surgery.
  • Don’t comb or brush hair in the implanted area for 7 days after the procedure.
  • Avoid visiting dirty or dusty environment for at least a week after the procedure.

  • Shampoo very gently for the first week after the procedure. Since grafts are permanent, one can resume to normal hair care and shampooing after 10 days.
  • Restrain yourself from smoking for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • Avoid consuming any kind of medications like that affect blood flow.
  • Don’t have a haircut for at least 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • Don’t expose the implanted area to direct sunlight for a month after the surgery. Cover your head with a hat or a cap to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight.
  • Don’t color or dye your hair for at least 4 weeks after the surgery.
  • Consult our experts for prescription medicine in case of pain.

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