How much does a Female hair transplant cost in India?

10 October, 2022 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

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The generations can't deny the fact that coveting to obtain a graceful young look and an attractive appearance is an uttermost preference these days. People across the world are so much indulging in sustaining a good healthy life to look young.

Perhaps they are neglecting the typical biological aging process, which brings in awareness about their hair texture and conditions. People are so much into managing their physical health that they have forgotten to care about their hair. And this lack of awareness can cause baldness and other hair problems. In this blog, we have mainly focused on and have shared all the necessary information regarding “How much does a Female Hair transplant cost in India”.

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  1. An Overview About Baldness
  2. Hair Transplant in females
  3. Female Hair transplant cost in India
  4. Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant procedures in India
  5. Takeaway

Such transplants could only give the desired results if the post-operative care is performed better. The initial few days and weeks right after the surgery are crucial for healing and recovery. Any misconception and failure in after-care will not be able to provide the desired outcome.

Considering such integral aftercare, we have provided thorough instructions and guidance, which is all you need to have for aftercare.

1. An Overview About Baldness

Male baldness is often common, and we have seen them treated for the same. But have you ever heard of females undergoing any hair grafting treatment? The causative reason behind this is that only 50 in 100 women are even aware of such treatments, and among them, only 10 women can afford this.

Baldness, this condition isn't something to get embarrassed by. Many young adults, irrespective of gender, have to handle it.

The condition of baldness is a hereditary facet that no one can change. Till now, there are no remedies that can reduce baldness. Other than congenital reasons, many different environmental and habitual reasons can lead to baldness. The use of chemical products, insufficient nutrition intake, and improper hair care can lead to hair loss and baldness.

This blog is assembled with information regarding famous surgical hair transplant procedures used in India that will enable you to rebuild self-esteem and recover that young glance. Moreover, the main motive of this blog is to make you aware of the female Hair Transplant cost in India and various alternatives to the procedures which are usable. The price of every hair transplant is dependent on its method and procedures.

2. Hair Transplant in females

The hair transplant procedure in females doesn't have a prominent difference from in males. It is the same procedure in which the surgeon excavates the hair follicles from the donor and is implanted in the tiny incisions which are made in the receiver's scalp.

The most common hair transplant procedure for females is FUE in India.

Also, the hair transplant technique is selected based on the pattern of hair loss, experienced in females. Some common hair loss patterns in females are:

  1. Female pattern baldness,
  2. Traction Alopecia,
  3. Alopecia formulated after a trauma or surgery.
  4. Scarring Alopecia

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3. Female Hair transplant cost in India

The cost of Hair transplant in India is different from place to place and in different clinics. However, the cost of hair transplant procedures in India is evaluated based on a per-graft cost. In this method, the basic cost of hair transplant is interpreted for a single person's hair graft extraction, handling and implantation. The cost of FUT and robotic FUE hair transplant techniques in India can vary greatly.

This is an examination of perfect-I costs with FUT and FUE hair transplant cost in delhi at Medlinks.

  • The above-indicated cost of a female hair transplant is subject to change.
  • It is very important to remark that the prices of hair transplants may increase with a rise in the number of grafts used during the technique.

4. Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant procedures in India

There are different factors that alter the cost of hair transplants. Underlying factors are the cost-affecting points -

The number of grafts or degree of hair loss.

  • If the baldness is excessive, then the number of grafts and cost will automatically rise.

The donor site

  • Using a donor site other than the scalp can increase the procedure rate.

Receivers site

  • The recipient site other than the scalp, moustache, and other sites, needs subtle handling that could increase the cost of the procedure.

Wastage of grafts

  • The donor's graft should be implanted in the receiver's site within a short duration as a long gap can decrease the grade rejection and failed growth.

Experienced surgeons

  • The surgeons and their boards also affect the general cost of female hair transplants.

5. Takeaway

The hair transplant in delhi is a stable and authentic method for rebuilding thick, biological hair. Although the cost of the hair transplant procedure in India depends widely on varying aspects and differs between procedures, the cost is usually evaluated on a per-graft basis.

We, the Medlinks, deliver a detailed treatment for your hair loss problem, as it adjusts state-of-the-art technologies to deliver best-in-class facilities. Medlinks owns the most experienced and well-established surgeons for the procedures of hair transplants who provide the best treatment.

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