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Stem cells have been talked about a lot in various medical issues. Just like LASERs, the words “Stem Cell” also create a lot of excitement among doctors and patients alike. But one needs to be aware of the science and exact mechanism of action, before undertaking this treatment.

In treatment of patterned hair loss, “Stem Cells” have been in use for quite some time now. But unfortunately, most of these so called Stem cells are an eyewash. Traditionally, green apple and other plant derived stem cells were used in the treatment of hair loss. However, as expected, botanical stem cells do not work in humans. So now, almost everyone, atleast scientifically aware physicians have stopped using these, THANKFULLY!!

But now another menace that has come up is Dermal Stem cells. Some companies claim that mesenchymal stem cells derived from hair bearing skin, may be used as “STEM CELL HAIR LOSS TREATMENT”. In our opinion, this is a false claim.

Basically, a small tissue sample is taken from the scalp which is then meshed by a churning machine. This mesh is then diluted with a liquid and injected into the bald areas in a hope of hair loss. This treatment has neither theoretical nor practical scientific backing and as expected no substantial clinical studies are available, except for tall claims.

A simple counter-arguement is that when thousands of such samples are implanted into the scalp during hair transplant in Delhi, even that doesn’t grow any extra hair besides the one coming with the grafts, then how 2-3 such sample cause hair growth. Anyway, more time is needed to actually substantiate or complete refute these claims.

The real future lies in the real “Adipose Derived Stem cells”. Here, the persons own body fat will be removed and then through an elaborate laboratory procedure, pluripotent stem cells (Cells having capacity to grow into any human organ cells) will be isolated and injected into the scalp. These will mature into hair cells and lead to actual hair growth.

As of now research is going on at a fast pace and soon, this treatment will be a reality.

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