Who is a Hair Transplant Candidate?

Who is a Hair Transplant Candidate?

While hair transplant can be a permanent solution to all the hair loss problems of patients, it is extremely important for patients to meet the basic minimum criteria in order to determine their candidacy for the surgery. At MedLinks, we follow the below steps to determine a patient’s candidacy for hair transplantation:

  • As a hair transplant surgery is most effective in case of pattern hair loss, it is essential for a patient to first get a diagnosis for androgenetic alopecia.
  • A hair restoration surgery should be considered only after medical therapy has been tried for a sufficient amount of time without yielding good results, especially for mild hair loss.
  • Adequate donor area.
  • Realistic expectations on what the hair will look like after the procedure.
  • Hair loss should be sufficient enough for the surgery to be successful.

In most cases, these basic guidelines will determine a patient’s candidacy for a hair restoration surgery. However, determining the candidacy of young male patients and women is an even more complex task.

Young Patients

In young patients, it is almost impossible for the surgeon to determine the boundaries of the permanent zone or if the donor area will be stable over time. Also, hair loss at a young age is an indication of extensive baldness in future, which may make hair transplant a less effective procedure. In most cases where patients undergo the surgery at an early age, a repair hair transplant surgery may be needed.


Female pattern hair loss is not the same as male pattern baldness. In case of women, hair thinning usually occurs over the entire scalp. The hormonal differences may cause some women to have an unstable donor area, which often makes them less ideal candidates for a hair restoration surgery than men.

Before deciding to undergo a hair transplantation surgery, it is important for women to have their donor density measured in order to check for signs of hair thinning. It is also essential for women to undergo diagnostic testing to rule out some other underlying medical conditions. Once the diagnosis performed by the best hair clinics in Delhi ascertains androgenetic alopecia and stable donor area, a woman can be deemed as an ideal candidate for a hair transplant surgery.

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