What is Hair Transplant?

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the surgical restoration of lost hair. Since its inception by Japanese surgeons in 1930s, the art and science has evolved significantly to the present day surgery which provides you natural hair with no complications. The surgery involves harvesting hair roots from the permanent zone of the scalp, beard and body which are then implanted on the bald area. The implanted roots grow into adult hair within 6-12 months.

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Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration is a hair loss treatment process which either involves hair regrowth or hair replacement. It can be a surgical process called hair transplant or a non-surgical process performed by a specialized surgeon for restoring partial areas of baldness.

Does Hair Transplant really work?

Of course! Our doctors have successfully performed over 7500 hair transplant surgeries till date and have the highest rates of customer satisfaction. In this 80 year old science, it has been demonstrated that a properly carried out hair transplant surgery offers delightful results. The key here lies in the experience, expertise and finesse of the surgeon and not the technique as promoted by some clinics. Check our Photo Gallery and video gallery to see the results.

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Is Hair Transplant Difficult

Hair transplant is a simple procedure but require great surgical precision. There are many things which needs to be taken care of during the whole procedure to achieve the best results. It is completed in mostly less than a day in one or two sessions. Patients usually return to their normal life the very next day or the day after. Giving a natural looking hairline to the patient is the main objective hence the surgeon's expertise is very important who will create a head back to regain his lost confidence.

Types of Hair Transplant

Types of hair transplant being performed at MedLinks Hair Transplants in Delhi:

How to choose Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

Here is a checklist of how to choose your hair transplant surgeon in Delhi:

  • Word of Mouth The most suitable method to choose your hair transplant doctor is through a word of mouth. Instead of getting influenced by misleading advertisements, talking to someone who has undergone a successful hair transplant surgery is always a better option. We can assist you by arranging personal meetings with our clients who can share their personal experience and provide you first-hand knowledge. Believe what you see. Check our Gallery.
  • Doctor’s Credentials Whenever you come across any advertisement or decide to go to a big brand for your hair transplant surgery, ensure to find out which surgeon will perform your surgery and thoroughly check his qualification, experience and training. We have a pool of world renowned hair transplant surgeons in the Delhi NCR region with an experience of over 1000 surgeries. Our technicians undergo proper training and examination before they are allowed to assist in a surgery. See our Surgeons credentials here.
  • Hygiene of the center and Compliance whether the rules and regulations are being followed Before finalizing your hair transplant surgeon, do a proper inspection of the standards of hygiene at his/her clinic. Make sure that the clinic is complying with all rules and regulations laid down by the Government and follows good work ethics.
  • Previous Results Another important factor to consider before choosing your surgeon in Delhi is to go through the track record of his/her previous surgeries. If possible, try to have a personal meeting with previous patients to have a better knowledge about the surgeon. Checking the previous results of a doctor is a good way to ascertain yourself of being in safe hands.
  • Say Goodbye to Baldness With a combined team of state-of-the-art technology and the artistry and expertise of our highly qualified surgeons, you can now bid your baldness a goodbye. If you are suffering from baldness, we recommend you to opt for a hair transplant. However, if you are only suffering from hair loss problem and don’t have bald areas, then medical treatment serves you better.
  • Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi The cost of hair transplant at MedLinks Hair Transplants in Delhi is generally calculated on per graft basis for sessions involving less than 1500 grafts. Whereas for larger sessions, we offer a standard price in order to make the surgery more economical and cost effective. MedLinks Hair Transplant cost includes the fees for OT, surgeon, medical consumables and patient room etc. We leverage a transparent cost structure with all-inclusive packages which incorporate pre-surgery blood tests, growth factor therapy sessions and post hair transplant surgery kit.

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