Women's Hair Loss Classification

Women's Hair Loss Classification

Hair loss in women can be of many types such as diffuse hair loss, localized hair loss or patterned hair loss.It may also be of scarring or non-scarring types. Since diffuse hair loss is inherited from a parent and is the most common kind of hair loss found in women, it has been further into stages according to Ludwig classification.

Type 1 (mild stage)
Type 2 (moderate stage)
Type 3 (extensive stage)

A unique feature that can be observed during Ludwig stages is that hair loss primarily occurs on the frontal and top part of the individual’s scalp and much of the frontal hairline is preserved. The rear and side areas are barely affected.
Type 1

Not much hair loss occurs in this stage. The hair usually thin in this stage which can be easily hidden with proper grooming.

Type 2

More hairs become thin and are lost along the midline area in this stage. The area of hair loss occurrence widens and hair transplantation is a viable idea for this stage if the hairs are still stable in the rear and side areas of the scalp.

Type 3

In this stage the hair thin to such an extent that the middle part of the scalp goes almost bald. It leads to thinning of hair in nearby areas as well.

Therefore, it’s essential that women who experience hair loss get it properly diagnosed and acquire proper medication or treatment for the same before the situation becomes critical and extreme.

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