Hair Transplant Fundamentals

Hair Transplant Recipient Sites

During the hair restoration surgery, the surgeon creates hundreds or thousands of recipient sites by making tiny incisions. These recipient sites are the balding areas of the scalp where the harvested follicular units need to be transplanted.

hair transplant recipient sites

At MedLinks, our surgeons are highly experienced in offering the best hair transplant in India and use a variety of state-of-the-art instruments to create lateral slits at the recipient sites. This provides them more coverage area and allows them to match the transplanted hair with the orientation of the patient’s original hair. This also gives the surgeon a great degree of control over the direction and angle of the growth of the transplanted hair.

Our surgeons have rich expertise in making limited depth incisions which minimizes injuries to the deeper blood vessels in the scalp, decreases tissue swelling post-surgery, while allowing the grafts to be placed together more closely.

We ensure patients of a great looking hairline with no visible scarring or any other irregularities. Our procedures maximize oxygenation of the grafts, improve the survival rate of the grafts, while also facilitating faster healing.

Although our surgeons are well-trained in very close placement of grafts and providing patients with the desired results faster, we pay key attention to ensure that this technique is performed on the right patients. Our surgeons help patients to achieve maximum hair growth after the procedure at minimal cost, and ensure that their hairline looks completely natural after the surgery.

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