Hair Loss Basics

July 10, 2024

Psychology of hair loss

Every human society in the world associates luxurious hair with youth, beauty, and good health. Many people think that its their hair which makes them look beautiful and once they start losing their hair, it can be disastrous for them.

People experiencing hair loss this transition towards baldness is smooth and they are able to reconcile themselves to a life of hair loss or baldness. But for many people who are not able to cope up with the issue this can serious psychosocial consequences, causing intense emotional suffering, and personal, social and work-related problems.

This loss of hairs can lead to anxiety, loss of self-esteem, low confidence initially further worsening to depression & other emotional issues. So baldness can have significant traumatising effect on human lives.

  • Anxiety
  • Loss of self- esteem
  • Low confidence level
  • Depression
  • Emotional issues
The problem usually starts with noticing a receding hair line which is the most common symptom of androgenic alopecia & the issue is further amplified when this occurs at early age when majority of other friends or colleagues still have full head of hair.

Most common affected population:

  • who have to speak publicly at conferences & meetings, or
  • make presentations in front of important investors, clients, or colleagues.
  • Celebrities who has to face camera.

In these situations where appearance is just as important as the substance being delivered, a balding men can struggle to present the best version of themselves. This loss of confidence can cause lost opportunities, deals & collaborations.

Psychologists have largely neglected alopecia. There has been very little research carried out specifically by psychologists; dermatologists and other medical practitioners have conducted most of it. These are the few problems commonly faced by a person who is not able to deal with hair loss.

Hopelessness: though few people easily accept with the fact of hair loss, there are few others who fall into a vicious cycle of insecurity, depression & poor self image due to their baldness. This leads to significant workplace problems.

Inability to approach the opposite sex: Hair loss can have an effect on relationships as men often feel that the loss of their hair signals the end of their youth, and attractiveness to others.

Social avoidance: person avoids attending social gatherings and other events to avoid being seen with a balding appearance by others. Some people could not go outside or go to work for fear of being mocked.

What to do about hair loss: multiple solutions are available to the problem one needs to identify the problem instead of denying it and then take proactive steps & seek help.

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