Repair Hair Transplant

Fixing Scars

Hair Transplant is an excellent tool to cover and treat scars, particularly over the hair bearing skin like scalp, eyebrows, beard etc.

Any kind of scar including surgical scars (FUT or strip surgery Scar), eyebrow trauma scar, burn scars can be treated using Hair Transplant. The prinicples of this surgery differ slightly from the normal hair transplant for male pattern baldness.

Experienced Hair Transplant centres like MedLinks are equipped and experienced in dealing with such cases.

  • Less Density
  • Area covered in 2-3 sessions
  • Test patch done first to check the graft acceptance

At MedLinks, we have extensive experience in treating Burn and acid Injury cases. We do most of these cases Pro Bono (free of charge) as our social responsibility.

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Disclaimer: The content published on this website ( is meant to spread awareness and educate the concerned patients regarding baldness and hair transplant as well as the treatments options available for the same. Any information on the website shall not be regarded as a prescription from a professional dermatologist. We recommend visiting a dermatologist in person for the right diagnosis and the treatment for any hair issues. We do not guarantee of specific results as the treatments and the results vary from person to person.

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