Hair Transplant Fundamentals

Hair Transplant Evaluation

Evaluation done at MedLinks for someone looking for a hair transplant is as follows:

  • Confirming the diagnosis- It is the most important step. The first step is to ascertain the cause of hair loss. As Hair transplant is successful primarily in patterned hair loss, it is important to rule out other causes like alopecia areata, scarring alopecia (active), telogen effluvium etc. The doctors at MedlInks are on of the best hair loss physicians and are trained extensively at AIIMS, New Delhi to diagnose various types of hair loss in men and women.
  • Ascertaining the grade of baldness- We usually grade male hair loss in to grades of 1 to 7 on the Norwood Hamilton scale. Hair Transplant is typically advised from Grade 3 onwards only. In gr 2 we recommend Hair Transplant only after detailed discussion with our doctors and taking into consideration the prospects of future hair loss.

  • Evaluation of the donor area- Donor area strength is of pivotal importance when it comes to hair transplant. At MedLinks (one of the best hair transplant centres), we use densitometers and magnification t o evaluate the density of hair and average number of follicles in the grafts. This gives us an approximate idea of the number of Follicular units that may extracted safely and the number of hair that can be obtained from those grafts. This is important as hair is limited resource and the planning and feasibility of hair transplant would depend on the availability of this resource. All good hair transplant clinics like MEdLinks give extra focus to this aspect and counsel our patients accordingly.
  • Hairline marking- A proper hair line is marked depending upon the face shape, age, profession, marital status, baldness grade, donor area strength.
  • Approximate number of grafts- After hair line marking, the area to be transplanted is calculated and number of grafts is estimated based on the expected density.
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