Hair Transplant Myths

July 10, 2024

Hair Transplant Myths

Hair restoration surgeries have continuously progressed to transform the lives of many individuals for good. However, a majority of the population is still misapprehended with regards to hair transplantation due to the prevalence of various encircling myths.

At MedLinks, we ensure that our patients are truly delighted with our delivered results. We believe that a better informed patient understands the process and gets maximum satisfaction from the outcomes. Thus, we always work to debunk the myths related to hair transplant procedures.

Some of the prevalent hair transplant myths include:

Age is a barrier in Hair transplant surgery

It is one of the primary myths associated with hair transplant in delhi that has restricted many people to avail benefits of the life-changing surgery. This myth has rooted hesitation and reluctance in the minds of many aged people as they limit themselves from getting their hair transplanted. However, there is no scientific reason or fact that supports this belief. Our experts at MedLinks believe that all patients, irrespective of age, can opt for hair transplant surgery as long as they have a healthy donor area.

Only men can have a hair transplant surgery

Hair loss and baldness are problems prevalent in both men and women as they (both) look out for a potential solution to it. However, this myth has forced majority of women to believe that hair transplant is beneficial only for men. Although baldness in women is different from baldness in men, our procedures deliver the same effective results for both.

If the patient is unsure about the procedure, they can try a small procedure first

Hair transplant surgery is aimed at delivering permanent results. Thus, patients should conduct thorough research before making any decisions with regard to the restoration process. You can also consult our experts at MedLinks for getting clarification on all queries.

Large number of graft transplantation in a single session is better

Graft transplant is a tedious and concentration oriented procedure. Although many claim that long hair transplant sessions minimize donor scarring, it may risk sub-optimal hair growth and may force the surgeon to transplant hair in unideal areas.

It’s better to have hair transplant surgery at a young age

At a younger age, hair fall patterns are unpredictable and may become extensive in future. Furthermore, since the permanency of the donor area cannot be determined at a young age, chances of a successful transplant is higher in older people. However, we at MedLinks, believe that age is not a solid determinant of a hair transplant procedure.

It’s better to have a hair transplant in early stages of hair loss

Hair transplant is a prolonged procedure. Since the growth of the transplanted hair is slow, it delivers comprehensive results gradually after one year. However, if a patient undergoes the surgery too early, it could be a waste of time and money as it may accelerate hair loss.

Large grafts produce more density

Density of hair is not dependent on the size of the graft, rather on the number of transplanted grafts. In contrast, larger grafts may accord unnatural results.

Scalp reduction can conserve hair for future hair loss

Scalp reduction includes cutting of bald area (crown area in general) for reducing its size. In order to close the gap, the scalp is advanced from the back to the sides (of the scalp). However, this decreases the hair density in the respective area and makes the scalp tighter. This further limits the ability of extracting hair from the donor area and leaves the front and top of the scalp too sparse.

FUT is better than FUE

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a conventional hair transplant procedure that involves the removal of skin, potentially leaving scars. Whereas, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a comparatively newly developed procedure that includes extraction of single units from the donor area. The risk of scars is eliminated by minimally invasive procedure.

Hair transplant procedure is painful

Hair transplant surgery performed at MedLinks is a pain free procedure that is carried out under local anesthesia. We ensure patients experience no discomfort during or after the surgery.

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