Hair Loss Basics

July 10, 2024

Hair Loss Myths

There are plenty of myths of hair loss that operate in our society and are spread through rumors. So let’s take a look at these myths and demystify them in the process.

Myth: Living in an air conditioned environment can lead to hair loss.

Living in an air conditioned environment does lead to dry hair. But there isn’t any evidence found as yet that such an environment can cause hair loss.

Myth: If you are losing hair every day that means you will soon be bald.

Everyday a normal human being loses around 100 hairs. But if you believe that you are losing more than that quantity then you should visit a dermatologist.

Myth: If you smoothen or straighten your hair with hair care products you will lose more hair.

You will not lose hair by using hair care products. But if you believe you are losing more hair than normal you can stop using these products for a while and observe if there are any changes.

Myth: If you massage your scalp it will not lead to hair loss.

Blood circulation isn’t known to boost hair growth. If you brush your hair frequently then yes you are bound to lose hair.

Myth: If you cut your hair then thicker hair will grow in their place.

Cutting your hair doesn’t lead to growth of hair. They feel thicker after a haircut because they are thicker at the base.

Myth: If you wash your hair every day you will strip them off essential nutrients.

If you wash your hair daily with a good shampoo it will rejuvenate your hair and make them healthy and shiny.

Myth: If you blow dry your hair it won’t lead to hair loss.

Blow drying can cause certain damage to your hair. Just that its impact is very minimal.

Myth: If you stand on your head, it will cure hair loss.

It won’t do you any good. Increasing blood circulation in the scalp region has no effect on hair growth.

Myth: If you remain in the sun for too long it will lead to hair loss.

Hair loss is known to occur only at the level of follicles. Instead your hairs act as a shield to protect roots of hair from harmful effects of sun.

Myth: If you wash your hair with cold water you will be able to cure baldness.

Washing hair with cold water every morning does increase blood circulation within the head but it doesn’t affect baldness or hair growth in any way.

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