Perfect - i Technology Used

Technology Used

In Perfect - i, inverse implantation “feather touch” technique of graft implantation is used. In traditional fue, the graft is held at the root but in Perfect - i, the graft is held from the dead hair while implanting. This ensures ZERO crush damage. MedLinks team is expert in executing reverse implantation.. Due this ultra care of hair roots, usually results are 15-20% better and 25% faster than conventional FUT or FUE

No use of implanters- using implanters for graft insertion make the process easy. But this requires an extra step of loading the follicle into the implanter which may cause injury and also adds time spent out f the body which may compromise results. Also when implanters are used, the size of the slits are more than the size of the graft itself leading to more traum to the erecipient site. In Perfect - i, implanters are consciously avoided.

Ultra sharp punches are used to minimize tissue damage.

Pre slit technique is used which ensures proper density, angle and orientation. It also avoids pop-out of grafts during implantation…

Medlinks is on of the best hair transplant in Delhi, India. Perfect - i is the most modern and best hair transplant technique, giving best hair transplant results.


At Medlinks, we strive to work with the advancing medical technologies, hence our clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to aid every procedure that we perform. From Perfect-I to FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures, our team of experts uses a high-end operating microscope with optical zoom from 5x to 100x for precise excision of the extracted hair follicles.


Located in the city center of New Delhi, Medlinks is a reputable and easily recognized hair and skin treatment center. Our operating room is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and the latest medical equipment for precision surgical procedures with higher efficacy. The operating rooms are also equipped with cold LED lights, adjustable operating tables, and stereo microscopes for optimal results and comfort of the patients.

We have a dedicated floor catered to hair transplant procedures and treatments to ensure ease of consultation and surgeries for our patients. The MedSpa floor is designed with four treatment rooms and a spacious and well-equipped waiting room to keep our patients engaged while they wait for their turn.

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