Perfect - i Procedure


The latest Perfect - i method is extremely precise, advanced and relatively painless and involves damage free extraction of hair follicles from a permanent zone. Hair follicles are obtained from the rear portion of scalp, beard or any other area and strategically implanted on the bald areas with the help of Feather Touch Implant Technique.Precisely within this technique Hair Follicular units are obtained from the donor area one by one (as in FUE hair transplant technique) using automated machinery and instruments.Then these hair follicles are immediately implanted to the bald areas within a time duration of 3-5 minutes.

No follicles are stored unlike within the conventional FUE hair transplant technique or strip hair transplant techniques. It’s been found out that in other techniques, approximately 2% graft death takes place per hour and keeps increasing if the storage time crosses 6 hours. Whereas in the Perfect - i technique, the storage time is minimal, thereby ensuring zero percent damage. In this technique special care is taken so that the follicle is not crushed at the root or the bulge area which ensures graft survival and quality. The transection rate is consistently below 2%. In numerous cases we have even achieved a transection rate of less than 1%. Internationally accepted standard for transection in FUE hair transplant surgeries is up to 10-15%. Our experience and expertise offers a huge advantage over conventional FUE hair transplant surgeries available at other centers/clinics.

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