1500 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost In India: How Much Does It Cost?

18 January, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Nowadays, most men and women who experience Androgenetic alopecia, a form of hair loss, opt for hair restoration surgery. Non-surgical treatments are not an ideal and long-lasting solution to male and female pattern hair loss or baldness. One who's highly concerned about their outer appearance and does not want to feel a lack of self-confidence undergoes a hair transplant in delhi.

Aside from men, over 50% of adult women sustain significant hair loss. The hair loss pattern in females is unlike in males. Most women notice that the hair on the top part of their scalp appears thinner, leading to the widening of the middle part. However, female pattern hair loss does not lead to complete baldness. 

Consulting an experienced hair transplant surgeon at the best clinic should be your priority if you're experiencing severe hair loss lately. You will learn from your doctor whether it is necessary to transplant 1500 grafts or more to cover the hairless area of your scalp. The clinic you choose must be reliable so that it informs you of the 1500 grafts hair transplant cost in India beforehand.

When Do Hair Transplant Specialists Recommend 1500 grafts hair transplant?

Like many other individuals with no hair left in zones 1 and 2 of their scalp, you might wonder whether 1500 grafts are sufficient for hairline restoration. The number of grafts it will take to cover the front part of your scalp may be different for another person. It depends a lot on the hair quality, texture and density.

Firstly, a hair transplant specialist checks the amount of hair one has lost before determining the number of grafts necessary to implant. It becomes easier for these healthcare experts to decide when they section a patient's scalp into different zones. They let patients know once they clearly understand the number of hair grafts each section requires.

Usually, hair transplant physicians use the Norwood scale when measuring the stage of male pattern baldness. Undergoing a 1500-hair transplant process is suitable when the hair loss stage of a person reaches 2 or 3. 

Upon reaching stage 3, people with hair loss problems will begin to experience hair shedding across their temples. The stage 3 vertex is apparent when hair loss occurs from the early crown. If you consult a hair transplant surgeon at this stage, he will recommend a 1500-graft Follicular Unit Extraction treatment. Learn from him about 1500 grafts hair transplant cost in India.

On the Norwood scale, if your hair loss condition is at stage 4, know that you have lost hair from both temples as well as the crown. Opting for a hair transplant for over 1500 grafts becomes essential when a patient's hair loss condition approaches the advanced stage 4. Learn from your physician about your current hair loss stage and opt for the treatment he suggests.

How Crucial is to Have Healthy Hair Grafts for Transplantation?

A single follicular unit is regarded as a hair graft consisting of several hair follicles. Each of these units is instrumental in hair transplantation procedures. Hair transplant surgeons need to extract and transplant individual hair grafts when conducting advanced hair restoration surgery. Separation of hair tissue from the blood supply takes place during hair transplant surgery.

Regardless of the type of hair transplant treatment, hair graft number and quality significantly impact hair transplant surgery results. The experts assess the suitability of available hair grafts in a patient's donor region before conducting a hair transplant treatment. Therefore, healthy hair grafts are the key to the success of hair restoration surgery.

What is the Number of Hair Grafts that Surgeons can Transplant in a Session?

There is a limitation of the number of hair grafts a surgeon can transplant in a single session. Aside from the hair grafts' viability, limiting the number of transplanted hair grafts is necessary for the safety of patients. You must gain a clear idea about the hair transplant cost in delhi before choosing a clinic to undergo treatment to get over your hair loss problem.

If your hair transplant specialist recommends a hair transplant treatment for 1500 grafts, know that he will complete it in one session. There are a few reasons why relocating more than 5000 grafts in a solitary meeting isn't suggested. As the quantity of relocated joins expands the activity time, it can prompt diminished unit reasonability and unfortunate outcomes.

Hair Grafts Transplant Session Time

How Should You Make a Comparison of Hair Transplantation Cost?

It's advisable not to make a quick decision when it comes to a hair transplant clinic you choose without making a comparison of the quotes. It is essential to compare hair transplant surgery quotes from various clinics. The 1500 grafts hair transplant cost that a reputed Delhi NCR-based hair transplant clinic will charge will be reasonable.

Most providers initially quote clients a minimal hair transplant cost, but the overall hair transplant cost includes additional fees and surcharges. So, make sure you opt for the one that seems more cost-effective. Ensure you check the clinic's reviews, reputation and hair transplant success rate.

The hair transplant cost for a single graft is between 30 and 45 INR in most Indian cities. Each graft consists of approximately 1-3 hair follicles. So, on average, it will cost around 42,000 INR for transplanting 1500 grafts.


You must visit MedLinks to get over your hair loss problem. This Delhi NCR-based hair transplant clinic is popular all over the country because of its outstanding hair transplant success rate. It boasts globally renowned hair transplant specialists adept at leveraging advanced technologies when conducting hair transplant surgeries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Makes MedLinks a Sought-After Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

MedLinks serves hair loss patients in over 20 nations across the globe and boasts a team of AIIMS-trained hair transplant physicians. 

Which is the Most Awarded Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

MedLinks has been awarded the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi for the past few years. 

What is the 1500 grafts hair transplant cost in India?

It will take between 40,000 and 75,000 INR to transplant 1500 hair grafts at a top-rated clinic in Delhi NCR.

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