Fixing Bad Hair Transplants

Fixing Bad Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants centers have mushroomed all over the world without any check. Every Tom, Dick and harry wants to jump in the band wagon. Offers, discounts, Bonanzas rule the market and lure gullible patients. Ultimately, it is the patient and the science who suffer. Surgery done by inexperienced and unqualified hands may turn out to be disastrous, giving a bad repute to the science and art of hair transplant.

We and many other good & genuine hair transplant clinics keep seeing such disasters. Sometimes, we are able to correct it and sometimes, the damage is beyond repair.

Being and apex and one of the best hair transplant clinic in India, we keep seeing many patients who got an unsatisfactory and unnatural hair transplant result.

Hair transplant is a tricky surgery with many bottlenecks. The surgical out come is not always satisfactory. The reasons could be Patient related or surgeon related

Patient related

  • Poor donor
  • Excessive seborrheic dermatitis
  • Poor post op care

Surgeon related

  • Poor surgical skill
  • In experienced team

Approach to correction

Correction Scenarios

Unnatural Hairline- Many times we get cases where the growth is good but the hairline is unnatural and detectable. In such cases, we use only scalp hair or body or nape of neck hair for singles and give a soft appearance to the hairline. Such cases are easily correctible.

Patchy growth- second scenario is when, by and large the results are OK but there are some patches of poor growth. In these cases, we try to use beard hair as shaving wont be needed. Beard hair grows very well and covers the gaps effectively

Re- do cases

When overall very less growth is seen and more than 1000 grafts are needed, we call such cases as “Re-Do Procedures”.

Scenarios and Considerations

Heavy Extraction and poor growth- When the procedure is done by an enthusiastic but inexperienced team, we face the case of severely damaged donor area and scanty growth over the bald area. These cases are treated as someone with a poor donor and damaged recipient skin. Hence, we consider body and beard hair and try to improve the appearance as much as possible.

Focus should be on hairline as resources are less , so areas should be prioritized.

Keeping in mind the possibility of damaged recipient skin, we Don’t give high density.

These cases are most difficult to repair.

Less extraction less growth- We face such scenarios in surgeries done by commercial centres who fleece the patients by doing false promises like unlimited hair, full coverage, very cheap hair transplants. As the centres are money minded with zero morality and ethics, and the procedure mostly done by technicians, the patients are often tricked by a grossly less number of grafts. We treat such cases as a fresh procedure and do a full hair transplant (repair transplant) to fix the previously done bad hair transplants at our clinic.

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