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Being one of the top hair transplant clinics in India, MedLinks’ highly-qualified surgeons have key expertise in using the latest hair transplant repair techniques for camouflaging the unsightly grafts and providing patients with a more attractive and natural looking hairline.

At MedLinks, we perform the camouflaging procedure depending upon the condition of each patient. If the grafts to be camouflaged are not too large, not located very close to the hairline, and have hair pointing in the right (forward) direction, we perform camouflage as a stand-alone technique.

On the other hand, if the grafts are to be excised, we first remove all the grafts that are a result of a bad hair transplant, redistribute the hair from those grafts, and perform camouflage as the final step. Our surgeons have rich experience in dealing with all kinds of grafts that cause cosmetic problems to patients such as the grafts made using the old plug technique, minigrafts, slit grafts, punch-grafts, and perform camouflaging procedure to provide patients with the best cosmetic results.

In cases where small grafts have been placed at improper angles or wrong locations and cause an unnatural looking hairline, our surgeons remove these grafts and skillfully correct them in order to help patients achieve desired results.

We perform the camouflage procedure with the help of only naturally-occurring individual follicular units and place them at the right places in order to fill any gaps that were created during a patient’s previous hair transplant procedure. Even in cases where patients have limited donor hair available, our surgeons ensure optimal utilization of the available hair and perform the camouflaging procedure in a manner that it provides patients with an attractive looking hairline.

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