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31 January, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

It is important to know about beard transplant cost in India before undergoing the actual procedure. The main objective of a beard transplant in India is to restore thinning hair in cheek beards and sideburns. Most individuals opt for facial hair transplants to conceal acne scars and other visible imperfections. 

The trend of styling a well-groomed beard has gained immense popularity among men. A thick beard is most often associated with masculinity. But not every individual is lucky to sport a thick beard. This has contributed to the popularity of beard transplants. Being an aesthetic surgery, a beard transplant is the answer to thin or patchy facial hair. Outlined are the crucial aspects to learn about the cost of beard transplants in India. 

What is a Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant, also known as a facial hair transplant, is a surgical procedure. In this procedure, your surgeon will extract hair follicles from a donor site and transplant them onto your face. Note that hair transplant in Delhi is performed under local anaesthesia. 

The total duration of a beard restoration surgery can be several hours based on the complexity of the procedure. The hair follicles, after transplantation, will grow like regular facial hair. Therefore, you can address your cosmetic concerns effectively with a beard transplant in Delhi. 

Through a beard transplant, your surgeon can enhance the existing beard or construct a new one. The techniques used for hair transplants are also used for facial hair restoration. So, it is important to opt for initial consultations with your surgeon to learn more about the intricacies. 

The Life-Changing Benefits of Beard Transplants

Every individual deserves the confidence that comes with a thick and commanding beard. For those who struggle due to genetics or other factors, a hair transplant is a lasting solution. Most people think that facial hair restoration surgery is only about aesthetics. 

However, if you think closely, a beard transplant is also about instilling self-confidence. You will get complete details about the beard transplant price in India by consulting with a reputed clinic. The life-changing benefits of a facial hair restoration procedure are as follows:

Natural Growth of the Beard

With a hair restoration surgery, you can experience beard growth that seamlessly mixes with your existing facial hair. 

Permanent Outcomes 

One of the key benefits of a beard transplant in India is that it offers you permanent results. Bid farewell to temporary fixes with a custom beard transplant surgery in India. 

Customise the Beard 

Do you know that it is now possible to customise the density of facial hair during a transplant? Any qualified and professional surgeon has the expertise and skills to tailor the beard to your desired style. They will make sure that it complements your unique facial structure. 

The Cost of Beard Transplant in Delhi 

Before undergoing a facial hair transplant, one must be aware of beard transplant price in India. On average, the cost of a beard transplant in India differs from one city to another. Here is the city-wise price of facial hair restoration in India. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of Beard Transplants in Delhi 

The price of facial hair transplant varies from one clinic to another in Delhi. You should be aware of these factors to know about the cost of beard transplants. 

Type of Beard Transplant 

In India, the type of beard transplant significantly influences the overall costs. Follicular Unit Extractions and Follicular Unit Transplantation are the two types of beard restoration. The price of each technique varies greatly. 

The Expertise and Skills of the Surgeon 

The expertise and skills of the surgeon play an elemental role in determining the facial hair transplant cost in delhi. Any experienced and skilled surgeon will charge higher fees for facial hair transplant in Delhi. 

The Quality of the Grafts in the Donor Area 

Do you know that the quality of grafts in the donor area can influence the overall cost? If the quality of the donor grafts is good, more than five healthy hair strands can be easily extracted. On the contrary, if the quality of the graft is inferior, then the surgeon can only extract a single hair strand. As a result, the cost of a beard transplant will be less with good graft quality. 

Number of Hair Follicles to be Transplanted 

The overall number of hair follicles that should be transplanted is never fixed and varies greatly. Note that the lower the number of grafts required, the lower will be the price of the procedure. If the surgeon decides that you need a higher number of hair grafts, the treatment cost will increase. 

The increasing popularity of facial hair transplants reflects the growing focus on self-awareness. If you are struggling with a patchy beard or thin facial hair, undergoing a beard transplant is the best option. Having a clear understanding of the beard transplant cost in India can help you choose the best clinic and surgeon. 


Q. What is the Total Number of Hair Grafts Required for a Beard Transplant?

Most reputed clinics in Delhi usually require somewhere between 2500 and 3000 grafts for a beard transplant. The actual number of grafts required should vary based on your personal goals. Always remember that the surgeon will need more than 3000 hair follicles if you want to create sideburns. 

Q. How Age Affects Beard Transplant Surgery?

The right age for a beard transplant differs from one individual to another. In most men, facial hair continues to grow till the age of thirty. But for some men, the growth stage stops in the early 20s. It is best to consider the right age for a beard transplant in Delhi. 

Q. Is a Facial Hair Transplant Permanent?

Beard transplants are permanent and should last you for a lifetime. In other words, you no longer have to invest in temporary fixes to maintain your beard. Facial hair restoration surgeries can also boost your confidence by improving your appearance. 

Q. How Painful is a Beard Transplant?

Always remember that beard transplants are painless procedures. The surgeon will administer local anaesthesia before commencing the procedure. Any expert beard transplant surgeon will ensure that you feel comfortable during the entire process.

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