3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost In India: How Much Does It Cost

9 January, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

The average hair transplant cost in India for 3000 hair grafts is 87,500 INR. The hair transplant surgery price usually varies slightly from one clinic to the other. However, it is prudent to undergo the FUE or FUT hair transplant surgery at a reputed clinic with a team of hair transplant specialists. 

Consulting the best in this domain can enable you to understand the current condition of your scalp hair and the number of grafts you need to cover the hairless area. Thus, you must visit a leading hair transplant clinic in Delhi like Medlinks, that boasts a team of highly competent and experienced hair transplant surgeons. 

Medlinks is one of the reputed hair transplant clinics in India, where all the experts are certified and carry years of experience. Medlinks provides full guidance of hair transplant cost in delhi. In the recent paas, India has emerged as one of the best places for hair transplant thus aside from Indian citizens, most people with severe hair loss issues from all over the globe prefer visiting India these days for cost-effective hair transplant surgery. Despite quite a few typical hair restoration methods, cutting-edge hair transplantation techniques like FUE or FUT ensure a permanent solution to hair loss problems. 

The possibility of experiencing male-pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia increases as men age. About 25% of males notice their first hair-shedding signs by 21 years of age. Expert hair transplant surgeons help both men and women treat partial or complete baldness successfully. 

Read on to gain a clear idea about the 3000 grafts hair transplant cost in India.

Follicular Unit Grafts: What are these?

Hair grafts are regarded as follicular unit grafts that an individual with moderate or extreme hair loss issues requires when undergoing a hair transplant treatment. A hair transplant specialist is the ideal person who can determine the number of hair grafts one needs to cover the bald area of the scalp. 

The graft number varies significantly from one patient to another, and the count is higher in the case of men compared to women. Hair transplant surgeons at top-rated clinics recommend 3000 graft hair transplants only for patients with extreme hair loss right across the crown and/or temples. 

Opting for a 3000 graft hair restoration treatment ensures proper coverage across the entire hairless or bald region of the scalp. Men who lose substantial scalp hair are at 5 to 6 on the Norwood scale, which is why they require 3000 hair grafts. 

On average, the count of hair grafts that hair transplant specialists extract when performing the follicular unit extraction process ranges from 1500-4000. Therefore, 3000 hair grafts is a sort of considered sweet spot for the maximum number of hair transplantation recipients. 

How Many Hair Does A Single Graft Include?

Non-surgical hair restoration methods do not prove effective in the case of those who sustain severe hair loss problems. Advanced hair transplantation procedures are the perfect solution to acute alopecia areata. Nearly 50% of these men experience hair thinning or receding hairline to a significant extent before they turn 50.

Hair transplant specialists conduct these surgeries with the utmost care, safety and effectiveness. They harvest grafts from the appropriate donor region and implant hair follicles into bald or hairless areas during a hair transplant treatment. 

Generally, each graft consists of a varying number of hairs for different persons. However, more or less one graft can include anywhere around 1 to 5 hairs. The hair-to-graft ratio on average is 1.8 to 2.2, which indicates that 3000 grafts can contain anywhere between 5400 and 6600 hairs. 

A number of factors can affect the 3000 grafts hair transplant cost in India. So, the price one has to bear to undergo a 3000 hair graft hair transplant procedure at a clinic in Delhi won’t be the same in another city in this country. 

How can a Hair Transplant Surgeon Decide the Precise Number of Hair Grafts?

During your consultation with an accomplished hair transplant surgeon at a well-known clinic, you will learn about the exact number of hair grafts you need to cover hairless scalp areas. Moreover, you’ll also gain an insight into the hair transplantation process that you have to undergo to overcome your hair loss problem. 

The hair transplant specialist whom you consult will require you to appear for several medical tests. The sole objective behind doing so is to evaluate and understand whether your health is fit for hair transplant surgery. 

You must be absolutely honest with your doctor while having a conversation from the very first moment you visit the clinic. Keeping transparency will help you learn about potential risks and the likelihood of a successful hair restoration treatment. 

The clinic you select will let you know about the overall 3000 grafts hair transplant cost in India. It will only happen once your hair transplant doctor decides that you need 3000 grafts to cover the extensive bald region of your scalp. Usually, this number of grafts is necessary for covering the crown, hairline and front part. 

When Does a Surgeon Prepare a Personalised Hair Transplant Plan?

Once a hair transplant specialist finds a patient fitting for hair transplantation surgery, he takes several steps into account before preparing a personalised hair transplant plan. The reason for doing so is to keep all possible risks at bay. 

Moreover, surgeons ensure the hair restoration treatment turns out to be successful. Your doctor will find the actual hair loss cause, determine whether any kind of pattern is there and detect donor areas with healthy hair follicles.


The best decision you can make to get over hair loss or baldness issues and foster the restoration of natural hair on the scalp is choosing MedLinks. This Delhi NCR-based clinic is well renowned across India, and it boasts a team of highly trained and experienced hair transplant surgeons. Know that the cost this clinic charges from patients who opt for 3000 grafts hair restoration surgery is quite affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a medical insurance policy cover 3000 grafts hair transplant cost in India?

A hair transplantation treatment is a cosmetic medical process. Only those who are concerned about their appearance usually undergo this surgery. So, no health insurance policy covers the cost it takes for transplantation of 3000 hair grafts.

What should be the grade of baldness for one to opt for 3000 hair grafts?

A person with severe scalp hair loss, when falls into the baldness grade 3 or 4, requires undergoing a 3000-hair grafts FUT or FUE process. 3000 hair grafts ensure coverage to the crown and frontal region properly.

What is the necessary number of hair transplant sessions for 3000 grafts?

If the patient has a moderate pain tolerance level, experienced hair transplant surgeons can quickly complete the surgery in one session. However, at least two sessions are a must if the tolerance level of a person is very low. 

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