Perfect i Hair Transplant In Delhi

Perfect - i Hair Transplant

Perfect - i Is an ultra modern and refined way to execute FUE hair transplant. The main difference from the conventional FUE hair transplant is instant implantation of extracted follicles. This saves a lot of hair.

Research has shown that for ever hour a hair follicle spends out of the body, there is a 2% loss in volume. The golden period is 6 hours after which hair follicles die. In a typical FUE, hair follicles are out of the body for 4-8 hours. This gives a minimum loss of 8% which may run upto 25-30% if the strage time shoots beyond 6hours. All this is eliminated in Perfect - i and you get the best out of your hair transplant. Every hair root is precious and it should be treated that way. Perfect - i ensures that.

The differences are not limited to just this. In Perfect - i, inverse implantation “feather touch” technique of graft implantation is used. In traditional FUE, the graft is held at the root but in Perfect - i, the graft is held from the dead hair while implanting. This ensures ZERO crush damage. MedLinks team is expert in executing reverse implantation.. Due this ultra care of hair roots, usually results are 15-20% better and 25% faster than conventional FUT or FUE.

No use of implanters- using implanters for graft insertion make the process easy. But this requires an extra step of loading the follicle into the implanter which may cause injury and also adds time spent out f the body which may compromise results. Also when implanters are used, the size of the slits are more than the size of the graft itself leading to more traum to the recipient site. In Perfect - i, implanters are consciously avoided.

Ultra sharp punches are used to minimize tissue damage.

Pre slit technique is used which ensures proper density, angle and orientation. It also avoids pop-out of grafts during implantation…

Medlinks is on of the best hair transplant clinics/centres in New Delhi, India. Perfect - i is the most modern and best hair transplant technique, giving the best hair transplant in Delhi.

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