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In today’s time with various options of hair transplant in Delhi, you should not sulk on your loss. Consult the best experts at our hair transplant clinic for pain free hair transplant treatment.

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Best hair transplant in india
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hair transplant in delhi
hair transplant in india
Best hair transplant in delhi
hair transplant in delhi

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi I MedLinks

hair transplant in delhi

MedLinks Hair Transplants has been awarded as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR on numerous occasions. Based in Delhi and Gurgaon, we have a team of world-renowned doctors who are widely known to carry out the best hair transplants in India. We have expertise in performing various procedures including FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, etc. and aim to deliver best results to our patients. Dr. Gaurang Krishna, the co-founder of MedLinks Hair Transplants is also the pioneer of the PERFECT-i hair transplant procedure that ensures faster results. Get the best hair transplant in Delhi, India with medlinks. Medlinks is the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR,India with experienced doctors & surgeons.

Being a top hair transplant clinic in India, we aim to deliver best results to our patients. We use latest equipment and innovative technologies that ensure most natural and desirable results. We also follow the best hygienic practices in order to provide a comfortable experience to our patients.

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hair transplant in india


Served patients from
20+ countries across the world

Best hair transplant in delhi


Hair Transplants in India by
AIIMS Trained Doctors

Best hair transplant in india


Bacteria & Fungus free
operating rooms

hair transplant in delhi

Consistently Awarded Best Hair
Transplant Clinic in Delhi

The Surgeons Behind Your Confidence

At MedLinks, we have a team of world-renowned Hair Transplant surgeons who offer the best hair transplant in Delhi to patients. Our surgeons are internationally trained in performing hair restoration surgery and have an experience of over 2500 to 7,500 Hair Transplant in Delhi.

hair transplant in india
Dr. Gaurang Krishna, MD
Consultant Dermatologist and
Specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Gaurang Krishna is inventor of the Perfect-i technique and the recipient of the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi/NCR award in 2013. He is the inventor of the Perfect-i technique. He did Workshop on Anti - wrinkle Injection and Dermal Fillers, CSIcon, 2009

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Best hair transplant in delhi
Dr. Pankaj, MD
Consultant Dermatologist and
Specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon

At MedLinks, we also leverage the services of Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi who has rich experience in performing ultra-refined hair transplantation and providing outstanding results to several patients suffering from hair loss.

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Dr Rajeev Kumar Verma
Expertise in Surgical cosmetology and
ENT, Head and Neck Surgery

Dr Rajeev is a specialist hair transplant surgeon & highly skilled and efficient surgeon & clinician in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Head-Neck Surgery.

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  • hair transplant in india
  • Best hair transplant in delhi
  • Best hair transplant in india

Why Choose Medlinks for Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Medlinks is a hair transplant clinic dedicated to hair restoration services and cosmetic enhancement procedures. Medlinks ensures the best-in-class services for varied hair restoration and treatment procedures while adopting updated state-of-the-art facilities and skilled specialists through its clinics. 

Known for its highly experienced and qualified team of surgeons and staff, Medlinks proudly presents some of its trump cards that stand it apart. 

Renowned Worldwide

Medlinks takes pride in serving patients from more than 20+ countries across the globe. Medlinks is known for its high-end innovations and technologically advanced treatment. Our outstanding patient satisfaction report is a proclaimed example of the same.

Highly Trained Specialists

We have a prominent and extensively qualified team working in our super-speciality clinics. Medlinks ensure their surgeons, specialists, and ancillary staff are upgraded with skill enhancement training and programs more often, bestowing the best hair treatment and hair transplant in India. 

Autoclaved Environment

Bacteria and fungal infections are very concerning regarding hair treatment procedures and hair transplants in Delhi. We maintain sanitised decorum in our clinics. Our clinics and surgical rooms are disinfected regularly to thwart unnecessary infections and contamination. 

Innovation at its Excellence

We provide the most refined and ultra-modern techniques and innovations in hair care and treatment. The perfect-i hair transplant at Medlinks, a hair transplant clinic in India, is a perfect example of a "feather-touch" hair restoration procedure, reassuring precise, real-time hair implantation with maximum graft survival rate and quality. 

MedLinks Hair Transplants & Restoration Services
hair transplant in india

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit extraction or FUE Hair Transplant in india is the modern way of executing a hair restoration surgery. FUE is less invasive and stitchless.

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Best hair transplant in delhi

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular unit transplant or FUT Hair Transplant in delhi is the traditional method of hair restoration surgery which involves stitches.

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Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant in India are becoming very common these days. Many people lose parts of their eyebrow owing to different causes.

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hair transplant in delhi

Repair Bad Hair Transplant

Bad hair transplant results can be depressing. We at MedLinks Hair Transplants provide various options to repair bad hair transplant in Delhi to our patients.

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hair transplant in india

Perfect-i Hair Transplant

Perfect - i Is an ultra-modern and refined way to execute an FUE hair transplant in Delhi. The main difference from the conventional FUE hair transplant is the instant implantation of extracted follicles.

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What is Hair Transplant?

Best hair transplant in india

Hair transplant is the surgical restoration of lost hair. Since its inception by Japanese surgeons in 1930s, the art and science has evolved significantly to the present day surgery which provides you natural hair with no complications. The surgery involves harvesting hair roots from the permanent zone of the scalp, beard and body which are then implanted on the bald area. The implanted roots grow into adult hair within 6-12 months.

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Advantage of Hair Transplant In Delhi

If you’re facing extreme hair loss or balding? Or is the condition androgenetic alopecia bothering you? A hair transplant can be a life-changing decision as hair restoration and natural hair growth are its guaranteed outcome. Here is a list of potential benefits of hair transplants in Delhi.


Hair miniaturisation, receding hairlines, and balding are reversed with thick hair density. The hair transplant surgeon in Delhi reshapes the receding hairlines by effectively working on the bald areas for voluminous and natural hair growth. 


Hair transplant benefits noticeable hair growths in the transplanted regions. You can expect a natural-looking hairline with long-enduring luscious, healthy hair.


People losing hair at a young age often tend to feel more self-conscious of their looks and lose self-confidence. And for many, style statements and appearance are rooted in how their hair looks. At a hair transplant Clinic in Delhi or anywhere, you can bring back a fuller-hair look and enhance your style and self-esteem. 


The initial months post-surgery may require gentle handling and medications, after which hair maintenance is simple and regular, similar to your naturally grown hair. 


Hair transplants may seem expensive as you shell out money in one go. However, checking and comparing the overall cost with other hair restoration treatments and hair transplants are highly cost-effective. Hair transplants, once done, require no rework and are known to show permanent, long-lasting effects.

Know More About Why Hair Transplants in Delhi?

A hair transplant is a popular way to restore natural-looking hair. It is an effective solution for thinning and receding hairline. Nowadays, hair restoration has become a popular cosmetic treatment in India. 

Hair loss can adversely affect a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. Individuals seeking to regain natural hair can opt for hair transplant procedures in Delhi. The capital city of India, Delhi, has emerged as a popular destination for hair transplantation. Here are some reasons that highlight the popularity of Delhi for hair transplants. 

Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries

Here are the types of hair transplant surgeries available at our clinic. 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

If you want to resume your normal activities right after a hair transplant surgery, choose FUE. Usually, FUE is minimally invasive. During the procedure, we will take individual hair follicles from your skin and implant them in the recipient area. 

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT, also known as the strip method, is a cost-effective way to restore hair. In this procedure, we will remove a thin strip of skin with hair from the back of the scalp. Subsequently, we will place the grafts into precise punches made in the scalp. The donor area is closed with sutures at the end. 


At MedLinks, we are the pioneers of the Perfect-i hair transplant procedure. The primary difference between Perfect-i and FUE is the instant implantation of the extracted follicles. We use ultra-sharp punches and pre-slit techniques to restore natural hair during this hair restoration surgery.

What our patients are saying

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I live in London UK and had many choices to get my Hair transplant due to this, I was very confused to make decision at

hair transplant in indiaSanjiv Joshi

I got my procedure done here in Jan 2018. My consultant was Nabeela. She was extremely helpful right from the beginning...

Best hair transplant in delhiRishi Garg

Got hair transplant procedure done here in Dec 2017, overwhelming results, very friendly staff, experienced and knowledgeable doctors...

Best hair transplant in indiaPankaj Sehgal
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hair transplant in delhi

Our Surgeons in Media

Prime Time Presented Global Healthcare Excellence Awards, 2013 to Dr Gaurang Krishna

hair transplant in india

Our Surgeons in Media

Dr.Gaurang Krishna

Best hair transplant in delhi

Our Surgeons in Media

Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi trichologist

Best hair transplant in india

Our Surgeons in Media

The best hair transplant in India

hair transplant in delhi

Our Surgeons in Media

Best hair transplant in Delhi


How do I choose the best hair transplant clinic?

Some of the factors you need to consider while choosing the best clinic for hair transplant in India include:

  • The experience and expertise of the surgeon and clinical team
  • The clinic must be able to offer a spectrum of treatment options and solutions
  • Ensure the clinic provides patient-centred care and result-oriented services through patient review and testimonial status.

Make sure you are comfortable and assured of getting the desired look and hair treatment.

Is India good for hair transplants?

India is a great choice if considering medical treatments and organ transplants, including hair transplantation. Many people from other countries visit India for a hair transplant because of the advanced technologies, experienced professionals, world-class infrastructure, and cost-effective treatment solutions it can offer. Patient satisfaction for hair transplants in India stands at almost 98%.

Which city in India is best for hair transplant?

Delhi, the National Capital, is the best city for hair transplants in India. It has a variety of well-established clinics with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies supported by highly experienced surgeons for different patient needs. Delhi is easily accessible with clinics that can assure you of a natural hairline and high-quality hair restoration.

Is hair transplant permanent?

The outcomes of hair transplants in Delhi and elsewhere are generally long-lasting and visible after 6 to 9 months of the surgery. Hair restoration through FUT, FUE, or robotic techniques is an outpatient process where hair grafts are harvested and transplanted through micrografting technology, giving a natural and permanent hair appearance with minimal scarring and post-surgical complications.

Is hair transplant successful in India?

For a hair transplant to be successful, the graft needs to survive and adapt according to the newly transplanted area. Clinical studies reveal that nearly 85-95% of the newly transplanted grafts grow and survive, indicating that the results of hair transplants are highly successful.

How much does a hair transplant cost in India?

Hair transplant cost in India is influenced by variable factors from the clinic infrastructure, the surgeon's experience to the technique involved, hairline needs, and donor regions. The hair restoration treatment costs again differ between cities and clinics. If you are in Delhi, Medlinks is a sure one-stop solution for your hair loss. To know more about the hair transplant costs and other details, contact us at Medlinks- the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

How much is a 5000 graft hair transplant?

Typically a hair transplant session covers 1000 to 1500 grafts. Hair transplant of 5000 hair grafts that cover almost the entire head, the surgeon may call for more 4-5 sittings. The cost of each graft, varying on several factors, ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs. 200. Procedures like robotic hair transplant fall on the higher end, while conventional procedures like FUT costs less. The cost of 5000 grafts starts from Rs. 3,00,000.

How much do 1000 hair grafts cost?

The cost of a hair transplant for one graft can range between Rs. 60 to Rs. 200. The cost of 100 grafts that can be covered in one sitting or session ranges between Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 2,00,000, depending on the technique and technology considered.

Why is it important to get the surgery done from an experienced surgeon?

You must receive your surgery from an experienced surgeon working at specialized departments in a reputed center. This is because his/her extensive years of experience imply his/her expertise in the specific field. This further ensures high success rates of the treatments the surgeon provides with minimal risk of post-surgical complications.

Why you should focus on transparency?

It is a must for you to focus on transparency in medical treatment. This is because it improves better healthcare consistency and quality at several levels. It can also highly promote the relationship of trust between the health providers and their patients, finally enhancing better treatment results and patient satisfaction.

What factors to consider before choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

Before choosing a hair transplant clinic in Delhi, consider the following factors: A highly skilled and experienced surgeon to ensure maximum treatment success A highly sterilized and well-equipped center with the latest medical apparatus and up-to-date technology Whether the center offers the hair transplant technique you require (FUT or FUE)

How to analyze hair transplant cost benefit while choosing for a Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

While choosing a hair transplant clinic in Delhi, remember that a reputed clinic will charge more. However, this higher hair transplant cost in delhi accounts for the following multiple benefits:

  • Assurance of treatment success
  • Safety
  • Minimal complications
  • Patient comfort
  • Clinical hygiene
  • Updated machinery
  • State-of-the-art technology

So, your treatment is absolutely worth the high cost.

Why Choose Medlinks for hair transplant in Delhi?

You should choose MedLinks for hair transplant in Delhi for:

  • Best results at highly affordable prices
  • High success rates with minimal damage to the donor site
  • Real-time feather-touch implant technology for more natural outcomes than conventional methods
  • Higher-accuracy results from MedLinks experts than any other center in Gurgaon and Delhi
Hair Transplant Clinics in Delhi are Credible and Trustworthy

One of the main reasons behind the prominence of Delhi in hair transplantation is the credibility of its clinics. The city is home to an array of well-established clinics with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, these clinics have highly experienced doctors and skilled medical teams. 

Clinics in Delhi have Advanced Equipment 

The hair transplantation clinics in Delhi always stay at the forefront of technological advancements. To provide the best treatment, these clinics utilise advanced techniques. Furthermore, they are open to the integration of innovative approaches to hair transplantation. 

Diverse Hair Transplantation Options 

Numerous clinics in Delhi offer diverse hair transplantation options. For instance, at MedLinks, we provide FUT, FUE, and Perfect-i hair transplant treatments. We are the pioneers of Perfect-i hair restoration treatment in Delhi.

What are the major Causes of Hair Fall?

Hair loss can happen for several reasons. At times, it can be a side effect of a health problem that needs to be addressed quickly. If you are dealing with thinning hair or a receding hairline, consult us at the earliest. 

We will get to the root cause of the problem and identify ways to stop the progression of hair loss. Besides consulting a hair transplantation clinic, mentioned are some of the primary reasons for hair fall that you should know.

Hormonal Imbalances 

Hormonal imbalances or excess androgens are the most common cause of hair loss in men. For instance, androgenetic alopecia is typically caused by hormonal imbalances. In women, excess androgens can weaken the hair follicles that leads to excessive shedding. 

Hereditary Hair Loss 

Hair loss due to genetic reasons is pretty common. In men, it is commonly known as male pattern hair loss. When you have hereditary hair loss, the first sign is a receding hairline or bald spot on your head. 

Autoimmune Diseases 

Autoimmune illnesses can cause extreme hair loss. Alopecia areata is one of the numerous autoimmune diseases that can contribute to hair loss issues. This type of hair loss may be irreversible at times. However, medications and hair transplantation procedures at our clinic may help. 

Stress Factors 

Stress can trigger hair loss in men and women. For instance, undergoing a surgery or developing an illness may contribute to hair thinning. Even recovering from a fever can cause hair loss. Emotional trauma can cause acute telogen effluvium. In this phase, more than seventy percent of the hair follicles enter a resting phase.

How are the Causes of Hair Fall Diagnosed?

Doctors at MedLinks are experienced in recognising the signs of hair loss. Typically, we assess the hair loss pattern visually during the initial consultation. We will diagnose your hair loss by using advanced techniques. For instance, our clinic has measurement tools that can magnify your scalp by up to 100 times. We diagnose the causes of your hair loss with the following techniques. 

The Pull and Tug Test 

It is a simple test that assesses the severity of hair loss. During this test, we will grasp around thirty strands from different areas of the scalp and tug gently. If seven or more strands fall out, you have acute hair loss. 

Trichometric Analysis 

We may use Trichometric Analysis to analyse the characteristics of the hair and the scalp. It is an automated measurement tool that can diagnose the exact reason behind hair loss. Our doctors also use a digital analysis device called Folliscope. It is a small and portable device containing a high-definition microscopic camera.

Why Choose MedLinks for Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Highly Reputed

MedLinks is a sought-after hair transplant clinic in India because it is reputed for helping many individuals from more than 20 different nations get over hair loss issues successfully. We have been awarded multiple times as Delhi's most trusted hair transplant centre. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that we succeed in maintaining our clinic's reputation. 

Seasoned Dermatologists and Specialists

Our team of experienced dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons does everything possible to help patients get their desired results. We boast AIIMS-trained physicians with expertise in performing a top-standard hair transplant Delhi. Since our inception, our cost-effective cosmetic improvement techniques and hair restoration services have catered to everyone's unique needs. 

Modern Facilities and Cutting-Edge Equipment

At MedLinks , internationally trained hair transplant specialists with extensive experience in conducting successful hair transplant in India employ hi-tech tools and techniques. Our co-founder, Dr. Gaurang Krishna, is the pioneer of a highly efficacious hair transplant method called Perfect-i. Every patient who undergoes this hair restoration surgery gets faster and desired results. 

Top-Notch Care

We pride ourselves in providing top-level care to each patient who trusts us and undergoes hair transplant treatment at our clinic. We prioritise keeping our surgical rooms well-sanitised and free of fungus and bacteria. Our expert doctors instruct patients on all essential steps to care appropriately for their hair after a hair transplant in India.

MedLinks stands apart because of its hair transplant treatment success rate, which is higher than all other hair transplant clinics across the country. 

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Disclaimer:The content published on this website( is meant to spread awareness and educate the concerned patients regarding baldness and hair transplants as well as the treatment options available for baldness and hair transplant treatment in Delhi India. Any information on the website shall not be regarded as a prescription from a professional dermatologist. We recommend visiting a dermatologist in person for the right diagnosis and the treatment for any hair issues. We do not guarantee specific results as the treatments and the results vary from person to person.

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