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Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplants are becoming very common these days.

Many people lose parts of their eyebrow owing to different causes. The common ones are:

  • Constitutional – Losing hair over the sides of the eyebrows may run in families or certain races.
  • Very thin eyebrows- some people have genetically thin eyebrows
  • Loss due to disease or trauma- accidental scars are common over the eyebrows and look ugly. Also some diseases like leprosy may cause partial or complete loss of eyebrows.
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Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure

Eyebrow transplant works broadly on the same principle as a normal hair transplant in delhi. Hair are usually taken from the nape of the neck or sometimes the chest (in male patients).

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Special pointers when it comes to eye brow hair transplant.

  • It is a very specialized surgery and not every hair transplant centre is equipped for it.
  • The hair are placed very tangential to the skin and also angle varies with each strand. This is of utmost importance for a natural looking eyebrow.
  • As the new hair have a tendency to grow beyond the normal eyebrow hair length, frequent trimmings and maintenance are needed.
  • Hair take few months to grow, so till then eybrow pencils may be used.
  • If done without finesse, it may give a disastrous look. So eyebrow h air transplant should only be done by doctors having enough experience in it.

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