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Hair transplantation is a procedure of restoring hair in the balder regions of the scalp, eyebrow, beard, and moustache. The hair transplant procedure involves extracting hair units from the donor sites and placing them on the hair-thin or recipient sites. Hair transplant techniques involve two distinct techniques namely:

  • Follicular unit transplant (FUT): FUT is a procedure where a strip of hair with the scalp tissue is harvested from the back of the head. The individual follicular units from the strip are separated and transplanted to the recipient sites. 
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE): FUE technique involves the extraction of individual follicular units of hair through a micro punching method and implanting individual grafts in the lesser hair regions. FUE with robotics assistance and 3 D imaging gives better outcomes. 

The other technique of hair replacement surgery includes Hair Regrowth Treatment, where the plasma, RBCs, and PLAYT-lets are separated from the extracted patient’s blood, and the segregated blood is injected into the recipient sites to propagate hair growth. 

Apart from the above hair transplant techniques, hair restoration is also done through procedures such as,

  • Flap surgery: The surgery involves rotating the flap of the hair-bearing region towards the bald areas.
  • Tissue expansion surgery: In this surgery, a tissue expander expands the hair-bearing scalp to the bald regions. 
  • Scalp reduction surgery: This surgery involves surgical reduction of bald areas and suturing together with the hair-filled regions of the scalp. 

Eligible Candidate

Falling of 100 to 150 strands a day is normal. The hair undergoes different stages of a cycle from hair growth to shedding. The hair growth cycle of each strand lasts from 7 to 10 years. Post shedding, new hair grows, and the hair growth cycle continues. The best candidate for a hair transplant surgery are:

  • Individuals undergoing excessive hair loss for a long time, 
  • Men with bald spots formed on the scalp or with male pattern baldness
  • Women facing hair thinning issues

The hair transplant surgeon will analyse the condition of the donor site and associated medical condition, if any, before moving ahead with the treatment plan. A good donor site from where the hair grafts are extracted is also essential for a successful hair transplant. People with thin hair donor regions or with alopecia areata may not be suitable for hair transplant and can opt for options such as Hair Regrowth Treatment. 

People with high blood pressure, blood-clotting issues, or likely to have excess scars, are at higher risk of having complications during and after a hair transplant surgery.

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Procedure of Hair Transplant in Goa

Hair transplantation surgery, FUT, and FUE involve the below stages. 

Hair Transplantation preparations

During this stage, the recipient and the donor areas are disinfected. Anaesthesia is administered to avoid pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure. 

Harvesting of grafts

During this stage, the hair follicles in the donor sites are separated from the skin using handheld devices or motorised micro punchers. The grafts are harvested in a particular pattern to give a natural hair look post-surgery. The left-over surrounding hair follicles grow to create a uniform density and cover the hair extracted regions. 

Recipient Site demarcation

The recipient sites are demarcated based on the extracted grafts, angle, and hairline direction. This demarcation or creation helps decide how dense and natural the appearance could be post-surgery.

Hair Follicle transplantation

Hair follicle implantation is a very crucial step, where the surgeon carefully places the grafts without damaging the hair roots.

How much does it cost for a hair transplant in Goa?

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Goa is calculated by multiplying the number of grafts with the cost per graft. The hair transplant cost in Goa differs between clinics. The per graft cost of a hair transplant in Goa lies anywhere between Rs.30 to Rs.60 per graft. 

Here is a breakdown of the maximum and minimum cost of hair transplantation in Goa for different graft numbers. 

Hair transplant technique

Approximate cost at Medlinks

Eye- catching feature of the technique

FUT or FUE+ Perfect-I

Rs. 70 per graft-

Planning, designing, and 100% slits extraction and implantation by a specialised team of experts.

Perfect-I Premium

Rs. 120 per graft

Along with planning, designing, and 100% extraction by a specialised team of surgeons and implantation, utilises “Feather touch” graft handling technology, with precise and prompt graft placement executed by Dr Gaurang Krishna and team.

Sapphire Perfect-I with Ultra High Density and

Sapphire Perfect-I Premium

200 per graft

Involves ultra-modern, high-end, Perfect-I technology with sapphire blades and microincision technique. The two variables, ultra-high density, and premium differ in prices and technique.

Note:For exact cost estimate please consult with our expert at medlinks

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Factors affecting hair transplant cost in Goa

A hair transplant is a procedure that depends on various factors like the choice of technique, the skill of the surgeon, and the patient’s facial profile, among many others. Some of the factors that decide the hair transplant cost in Goa include:

  • The technique used: The technique of hair transplant, FUT, FUE, robotic, or Hair Regrowth Treatment can influence the cost. The cost of FUT is less compared to FUE and robotic hair transplants. And the Hair Regrowth Treatment cost is calculated on a per session basis. 
  • The number of grafts required: The number of grafts depends on the recipient area size. The more the recipient area, the number of grafts increases, and so will be the cost. 
  • Location of the donor area: The donor area is generally preferred in the back of the head region. Other donor areas considered like chest hair, pubic hair, or beard hair will tangibly influence the cost. 
  • Patient’s profile and hairline design: The patient's facial profile gives the surgeon the kind of hairline design and treatment technique adopted. This also affects the overall hair transplant cost. 
  • The skill of the surgeon: The overall outcome of the desired hair look depends on many factors, including the surgeon's artistic skill. Their experience and expertise carry great value and can affect the costs. 

In which country is hair transplant cheapest?

Hair transplant surgeries are expensive surgical procedures in many countries around the world. However, in countries like India, Turkey, Mexico, Hungary, and Poland hair transplant procedures are affordable and cost-effective. 

How much does a hair transplant actually cost?

The hair transplant cost in India depends on numerous factors, including the area of transplant, the technique used, and the number of grafts required. However, keeping in view the cost-affecting factors, the hair transplant treatment cost on an average ranges between Rs.35,000 to Rs.1,35,000. 

Is hair transplant permanent?

Hair transplant treatments provide permanent natural hair solutions for excessive hair loss problems. After the hair transplant, the transplanted hair sheds, and within nine months to a year, you can observe new hair growths. These hair growths are similar to natural hair that grows, sheds, and again regrows. 

Risks Involved

Hair restoration procedures are highly safe procedures designed keeping in view the patient's safety. However, some of the postoperative risks that can occur include:

  • Pain, swallowing, and redness of the transplanted region,
  • Possible bleeding at the site of implantation,
  • Visible scarring,
  • graft dislodgement, 
  • Anaesthesia-related allergies and complications.

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