FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure

In follicular unit extraction method first a small, circular incision is made within the skin,so as to separate the follicular unit from the surrounding tissue. Then the follicular hair pulled out with the help of an instrument leaving a small open hole in the skin.

The follicular units are then stored for a while before they are transplanted within the bald areas of the patient’s scalp.

Before the grafts are transplanted, tiny holes are created within the bald areas of the scalp using a fine pointed needle. The hair follicular units are then transplanted into the bald areas of the patient where they are bound to grow into healthy hair-producing follicles.

The Follicular Unit Extraction is repeated by the hair transplant surgeon until he/she feels that enough follicular units have been transplanted for the planned hair restoration. This process takes a 3-5 hours since follicular units are extracted individually one by one. Sometimes one session may not be sufficient to achieve the required transplantation for hair growth and may stretch over a period of two consecutive days.

The tiny wounds which are approximately 0.75-mm in size don’t take much time to heal. They fully heal over a time period of seven to ten days, without any visible scarring.

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