7 Days After Hair Transplant: What You Should Expect?

31 October, 2023 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

The healing phase post-transplantation is the most critical stage. You may experience mild pain 1 day after hair transplant that persists for a few more days. Some people even face sleeping issues during the first few days. 

You won't experience any differences 2 days after hair transplant. Let's face the truth; it usually takes around 7 to 10 days for most of your hair transplants to heal significantly. So, post-op care is crucial, where you need to take care of your health and avoid performing any strenuous routine tasks. This post explains what you can expect on the hair transplant day 7.

What to Expect 7 Days after Hair Transplantation?

On the seventh day, your transplanted hairs start shedding. Don't worry, as it is normal, because the follicles start adjusting to the new environment on your scalp.

You may expect some swelling to occur on the seventh day, which lasts around a few weeks. Note that swelling might be visible around your foreheads and ears. It's a normal part of your recovery process. Here's an overview of what you can expect from day 1 to 7 post-transplantation:

Day 1

1 day after hair transplant is the most crucial day. On this day, expect your scalp to be tender and sore. You may experience swelling. It is imperative to follow your medical professional's advice. Avoid direct sunlight and consume the prescribed medicines on time. Also, you need to protect your transplanted grafts by avoiding rubbing or touching.

Day 2 and 3

Want to know what happens 2 days after hair transplant? Note that swelling is common during the first few days. So, experiencing mild discomfort and headache is normal. You must consume your prescribed medications on time.

Day 4 and 5

4 days after hair transplant, you can expect the formation of crusts and scabs around your transplanted area. For someone undergoing a slower recovery process, scabs may also occur 5 days after hair transplant. It's normal during recovery as your body begins to protect the grafts. You can also expect to see hair transplant scabs after 7 days.

Day 6

6 days after hair transplant, the swelling reduces. However, one should not avoid following the surgeon's post-operative instructions. Don't forget to clean the area gently with the prescribed product. Avoid performing strenuous activities that increase blood pressure. Wear loose hats to protect the scalp from the heat outside.

You will surely feel much better on the seventh day in comparison to your situation on the third day after hair transplant.

Day 7:

On the seventh day, you need to follow your doctor's instructions. Avoid activities that lead to excessive sweating or scalp irritation. During the healing stage, you may expect to experience scalp itchiness. But please avoid picking or scratching the area as it might further cause damage to the scalp.

Another important consideration is to avoid smoking and alcohol, as these activities might impair healing. If you have noticed bruising around that donor site, don't hesitate: it's quite normal. It will resolve within a few weeks. 

Is There Any Recovery on the Seventh Day?

On the hair transplant day 7, you may expect recovery. According to surveys, some patients getting a hairline transplant of 1000 grafts to 1500 grafts may expect to see results. The transplanted area starts developing hair transplant scabs, which are essential for healing. 7 days post-transplant, the scars become darker when compared to the other days. 

Suppose someone has received crown hair transplantation into temples and hairline. For them, the condition on the seventh day is considered to be between Norwood 3a and Norwood 7, which is decent.

Things to Keep in Mind 7 Days after Hair Transplant

If you want to achieve a healthy recovery, you must follow a few things. The steps below ensure a speedier healing. So, let's delve into the following points to learn what you need to do after undergoing a hair transplant in Delhi:

  • Please Take Some Rest: During the seventh day, you need to get ample rest. Allow your follicles to settle in so that hair grows without delays. 
  • Clean the Area Regularly: Another thing you need to consider is to keep the area clean and dry. You may do that via short showers. However, please avoid soaking in swimming pools or tubs. It is advisable to avoid applying any hair care products to your scalp (which aren't recommended by the surgeon). These products may cause irritation to your scalp.
  • Be Mindful of the Medication Instructions Recommended by the Doctor: The surgeon will prescribe some medicines to allow the area to heal faster. So, from your end, you need to follow those instructions properly. 
  • Do Not Go Under the Sun: Do you know exposure to the sun might have a negative impact on the treated area? It is recommended to refrain from excessive sun exposure for at least a few days. If you have to go outside during the daytime, please wear a hat or a scarf for added protection. 
  • Consume Healthy Foods: Your diet choices play an important role in maximising healing. So, include a lot of leafy green vegetables, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other healthy foods in your diet. These foods promote your health and heal the area faster.
  • Don't Neglect Regular Medical Follow-ups: Monthly follow-ups after the hair transplantation are important as they keep your doctor updated about your condition and hair transplant month by month.

What Should You Avoid 7 Days after Hair Restoration Therapy?

During the seventh to tenth-day post-surgery, you need to ensure the hair follicles settle in and start growing. You need to focus on the following things for speedier healing:

  • Avoid strenuous activities, including running, high-impact physical activity, heavy lifting, or swimming
  • Refrain from using heat styling tools that can damage the new follicles or minimise healing
  • Do not get exposed to direct sunlight as it may interfere with your recovery process (please wear a cap or a hat when outdoors)
  • Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, or smoking


Q1. Can You Wash Your Hair 7 Days after Hair Restoration?

Yes, you can use a mild shampoo designed for sensitive scalps to wash your hair. Gently pat your scalp with a cotton towel after washing. Do not use conditioner during this time. If you want, you can apply an ice pack or cold compress for a few minutes after the wash. It reduces swelling. 

Q2. Are Scabs Normal 7 Days after Hair Restoration Therapy?

1 week after Hair transplant, you can expect to see scabs. They form on your scalp after the transplantation and are a part of regular healing. They appear around one week after the procedure and may last for a month or more.

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