Cysteine Hair Treatment Pros and Cons: What Are They?

18 April, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

If dry ends, unmanageable locks, and frizz are the bane of your existence, cysteine hair treatment should be your best bet. Before considering this treatment, you should know about cysteine hair treatment pros and cons. While there are numerous treatments to make your hair smooth, shiny, and healthy again, nothing can beat cysteine. 

Hair is a fundamental part of our identity and self-expression. Keeping them strong, shiny, and manageable is a priority for many. However, our lustrous strands take a beating from all the heat and chemicals. That’s where cysteine hair treatments come in, promising to undo that damage and revive locks to their former glory. Here are some essential aspects to know about cysteine hair treatment. 

Things to Know About Cysteine Hair Treatment 

Cysteine refers to an essential amino acid present in our body. It is also the keratin’s building block. Note that keratin constitutes a majority of our hair strands. When your hair becomes damaged from heat styling and environmental factors, the keratin structure gets disrupted. 

Cysteine treatment for hair penetrates the hair shaft and repairs these damaged keratin bonds. Cysteine treatment is one of the most effective ways to restore amino acid levels in the hair follicles. During the treatment, the dermatologist will apply a serum rich in cysteine to your hair. 

The Pros and Cons of Cysteine Treatment 

Does cysteine treatment for damaged hair work wonders? Most individuals are apprehensive about getting the cysteine treatment as they fear artificial-looking straight hair. However, there is nothing to worry about while checking for cysteine hair treatment side effects. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of this revolutionary hair treatment. 

Cysteine Hair Treatment – The Pros 

The pros of cysteine treatment are as follows. 

Repair and Strengthen

The primary claim of cysteine treatments is that they can repair and strengthen hair from the inside by re-bonding the broken keratin proteins. The hair transplant experts tout their ability to rebuild these bonds, resulting in less breakage, splitting, and damage over time. This ultimately makes your hair stronger and more resilient.

Smoothness and Softness

Many people rave that after a cysteine treatment, their hair feels incredibly soft, smooth, and manageable. This is because the amino acids act as a deep conditioner and moisturiser, enhancing the hair's texture and slip. The treatment leaves hair feeling silky and supple, making it easier to style and manage. However, it is important to consider the cysteine hair treatment price before visiting a hair transplant clinic in Delhi. 

Increased Shine and Lustre

Cysteine treatments are believed to fill in the rough, damaged areas on hair strands that dull their natural glow. In this way, the therapy helps in reflecting more light, which results in increased shine and lustre. Your hair appears more radiant and glossier, with a healthy, vibrant shine that was previously lacking due to damage.

Longer Lasting Results

Usually, cysteine treatments can last for months before a touch-up is needed. The longevity of the treatment means fewer clinic visits and less frequent touch-ups. It provides a more long-lasting solution for those seeking stronger and healthier hair. It is crucial to compare hair Botox vs cysteine results to choose a treatment plan properly. 

Cysteine Hair Treatment – The Cons 

Individuals should carefully weigh the cysteine hair treatment pros and cons to minimise risks. Listed are the disadvantages of cysteine treatment. 

Expensive and High Maintenance

Cysteine hair treatments can be expensive making them a significant investment right from the start. Additionally, you need to invest in special aftercare products and regular re-dos to maintain the results, which can quickly add up over time. This high-maintenance routine strains many budgets, making it a costly and potentially unsustainable option for some.

Potential Hair Weakening and Protein Overload

While cysteine treatments aim to strengthen hair, there is a risk of going too far. Some experts warn of potential dryness, brittleness, or even hair loss due to protein overload if treatments are overdone. Frequent visits can backfire, potentially causing the opposite effect and weakening the hair instead of fortifying it.

It's Still a Chemical Process

Despite using naturally derived ingredients like amino acids, cysteine treatments typically involve alkaline chemical solutions. It also involves the application of heat to drive cysteine into the hair strands. This chemical process is unsuitable for those seeking to avoid harsh chemicals or who prefer a more natural approach to hair care. The use of chemicals and heat can be concerning for some individuals.

Steps Involved in Cysteine Hair Treatment 

The best hair clinic for hair transplant in Delhi adheres to a fixed set of processes to help you get the best out of the cysteine treatment. This treatment is a simple and three-step process. 

  • The dermatologist will apply the serum rich in cysteine on damp hair. 
  • The doctor will ensure that your hair grafts soak the serum by leaving it for thirty minutes. 
  • The last step involves rinsing the solution with water. 

Summing Up 

The promise of stronger and smoother hair sounds incredible. For those with extremely damaged and fragile hair, cysteine treatments provide noticeable benefits. Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of cysteine treatments depends on your overall hair goals. 

It is also crucial to analyse the reputation of the clinic for cysteine treatment. Before opting for the treatment, you must carefully assess the cysteine hair treatment pros and cons. This will give you a good idea of the suitability of the treatment for your hair. You can consult with MedLinks to learn more about the cysteine hair treatment procedure.


Is Cysteine Hair Treatment Safe?

Note that the cysteine hair treatment is safe for all types. However, people with dry, brittle, and damaged hair will benefit most from this treatment. 

How Many Months Does Cysteine Last?

Unlike other hair treatment methods, cysteine can last for more than six months. But it is dependent on factors like your hair’s texture, how well you care for it, etc. 

Does Cysteine Hair Treatment Cause Hair Fall?

Cysteine hair treatment doesn’t cause hair fall. However, ensure that you undergo this treatment from a reputed clinic in Delhi to minimise the risks of side effects. 

Can I Tie My Hair After Cysteine Treatment?

You can tie your hair after cysteine treatment only by consulting with your doctor. Most doctors recommend that you can only tie your hair a week after the cysteine treatment.

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