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July 10, 2024

MedLinks Hair Transplants is a well-known hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR, India, that has won multiple awards for its hair transplant services. They have a team of world-renowned doctors who specialise in performing FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, and other procedures, providing the best hair transplant in near Noida. The clinic is based in Delhi and Gurgaon and is known to use the latest equipment and innovative technologies to ensure natural and desirable results. Dr. Gaurang Krishna, the co-founder of MedLinks Hair Transplants, is a pioneer of the PERFECT-i hair transplant procedure that ensures faster results. MedLinks Hair Transplants has a track record of delivering the best results to its patients. Moreover, the clinic has been recognized as the top hair transplant facility in near Noida on several occasions.

Hair Transplant Cost in Noida

MedLinks is dedicated to providing patients with advanced and affordable hair transplant in Noida. From FUT hair transplant to FUE hair transplant, we can help you restore your confidence. The PERFECT-i hair transplant procedure is our latest innovation in assisting you to develop denser hair.

Hair Transplant Cost in Noida- Consult Noida’s Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Irrespective of age, baldness and extreme hair loss can dent your confidence. In today’s fashion-conscious society, baldness can badly affect your confidence levels. If you are struggling with baldness, don’t fret. Baldness and hair loss can also occur from any illness.

We are dedicated to restoring your hair by leveraging advanced methods. Every hair transplant procedure is conducted only after thorough initial assessments. For more details on hair transplant in Noida, consult with us at the earliest.

Hair Transplant Technique

At MedLinks, we follow a customised approach to treat every patient. We believe that every patient has their hair restoration requirements. What sets us apart is our wide variety of hair transplantation techniques. Here are some advanced methods we leverage for hair transplants in Noida.

Perfect-i Hair Transplant Procedure

At MedLinks, we have created our hair transplant procedure known as the Perfect-i. The Perfect-I procedure lets us implant the follicles instantly. In the Perfect-I procedure, we use the technique of graft implantation for positive outcomes. Learn more about the procedure by consulting with us at the earliest.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Technique

FUT is the most common procedure for hair restoration in Noida. One of the key highlights of the FUT procedure is that it closely imitates the natural hair growth process. It is the best procedure for those with large bald patches on the scalp. It is the most affordable hair restoration technique.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique

Our FUE procedure involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area. If you have a tight scalp, undergoing the FUE procedure is the best solution. One of the best things about the FUE procedure at MedLinks is undetectable scarring. We also leverage automated tools that make the process faster.

If you want to know about hair transplant cost in Noida, seek an appointment with us.

Hair Transplant Cost In Noida

The cost of a hair transplant varies based on several procedures. For instance, the cost of the Perfect-i procedure will be slightly more than the FUE procedure. Our experts can enlighten you about the cost of hair transplants in Noida.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost In Noida

Here are some factors that affect the hair transplant cost in Noida.

  • The total area of the bald spot that needs to be covered
  • The total number of grafts needed
  • The type of hair transplant technique
  • The overall quality of the grafts derived from the donor area

Hair Transplant Technique

Approximate Cost At Medlinks

Additional Features Of The Technique

FUT or FUT + Perfect-I

Rs. 70 per graft

Planning, designing, and 100% slit extraction and implantation by a specialised team of experts

Perfect-I Premium

Rs. 120 per graft

Along with the planning, designing, and 100% extraction by a specialised team of surgeons and implantation, utilises Feather touch” graft handling technology, with precise and prompt graft placement executed by Dr Gaurang Krishna and Team

Sapphire perfect-I with Ultra High Density and Sapphire perfect-I Premium

200 per graft for the high-end premium technique

Involves ultra-modern, high-end, perfect-I technology with sapphire blades and microincision technique. Two variables, ultra-high density, and premium differ in prices and techniques.

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Why are we the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in NCR?

Here are some reasons

  • Long-lasting results
  • No downtime
  • Sport natural-looking hair

Talk to us soon to learn more about our hair transplant procedures.

Advantages of Hair Transplant in Noida

At MedLinks, we offer evidence-based hair transplant procedures in Noida. Hair loss and baldness can be distressing as they affect your overall appearance. It can cause low self-esteem and degrade your confidence levels. 

There are very few people who don’t wish for a head full of thick and luscious hair. Hair is a valuable asset to enhance your looks and personality. As the top hair transplant clinic in Noida, we are well-versed in all types of transplant procedures. 

If you are seeking hair transplant solutions in Noida, reach out to us at the earliest. We specialise in offering patients with a natural-looking hairline that can’t be differentiated from the patient’s original hairline. We have all the tools and equipment to ensure that the transplant procedure of our patients is highly successful. Here are some advantages of opting for a hair transplant in Noida at MedLinks.

The Perfect-i Hair Transplant- An Ultra-Modern Way to Execute FUE Hair Transplant 

The Perfect-i Hair Transplant is an advanced type of hair transplant in Noida. At MedLinks, we have mastered the art of the Perfect-i procedure. This procedure differs from traditional FUE hair transplant as it allows for the instant implantation of the extracted follicles. 

With the Perfect-i procedure, you can save a lot of hair. In a conventional FUE procedure, hair follicles will remain out of your body for four to eight hours. And when the hair follicles are outside of your body for more than four hours, there are chances of hair loss. 

However, the Perfect-i procedure is different and addresses these issues effectively. Our Perfect-i procedure ensures zero crush damage. By undergoing this hair transplant procedure at our Noida clinic, the results will be 15% to 20% better. 

A Hair Transplant at our Clinic is a Natural Process 

The hair transplant procedure at MedLinks is entirely safe and natural. It doesn’t involve the use of any type of chemicals or medications that can damage your hair follicles. Besides the Perfect-i procedure, we leverage the FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures to restore your confidence. 

In a hair transplant, we use natural hair from the donor area to restore lost hair in the recipient area. In other words, it is an entirely natural and hassle-free process. 

Effectively Eliminates Balding 

By undergoing a hair transplant procedure at our Noida clinic, you will get respite from all types of baldness. If you have male pattern baldness, our hair transplant procedures can effectively help. What sets MedLinks from others is our ability to offer highly customised services. 

We will carefully assess your condition and prescribe the best treatment. While you are recovering, we will offer you with complete support. 

Experience Minimal Graft Death 

The Perfect-i hair transplant procedure at MedLinks ensures minimal graft death. You will be able to sport a thick mane of hair by undergoing this hair transplant procedure. Commonly, the surgeons implement the inverse implantation technique in this procedure at our clinic. The Perfect-i procedure involves minimal downtime and can treat all types of hair loss issues. 

Low Maintenance 

The transplanted hair is natural and has zero maintenance. In other words, you don’t have to spend on hair styling products. A hair transplant is a one-time procedure and restores your confidence in lustrous hair. 


1 - How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Noida Sector 18?

The cost of a hair transplant varies based on different factors. For instance, the area of baldness typically influences the cost of a hair transplant. Moreover, the type of hair transplant technique you’re opting for also determines its price. 

2 - Which is the Best Hair Transplant Method in Noida?

The Perfect-i hair transplant procedure is one of the best methods to cure baldness and receding hairline. In this procedure, we leverage the inverse implantation method. 

3 - Which is the Best Clinic for Hair Transplants in Noida?

In Noida, the best clinic for hair transplants is MedLinks. Our clinic is fully equipped to handle all types of hair transplant procedures. For a consultation, reach out to us.

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