How to Prevent Hair Loss in Summer?

28 February, 2024 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

Experiencing seasonal hair loss in summer is normal. More specifically, there are higher chances of hair loss if you live in an area where water contains high amounts of salt. Then comes the heat – the ultraviolet rays from the sun may result in hair fall. However, there are certain things you can do to prevent hair loss during the scorching summer days. At Medlinks hair transplant in delhi, surgeons offer the best hair transplant treatment with the latest innovations.

Best Ways to Protect Your Hair from Damage during Summer

Wondering what can be the causes of hair fall in summer? If you are here to understand the tips to protect your hair during summer, it's time to read on. Let's find out more from the following points to understand the tips to prevent hair loss during summer:

  • Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Your hair (just like your skin) might be damaged because of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. For people with coloured hair, it might lead to excessive dryness and fading out resulting in split ends and breakage. 

Wear a scarf or hat to cover your hair and head whenever you are outside during summer. If you are going swimming, ensure you wash your hair before getting into the pool. That will reduce the impact of chlorine on hair.

  • Don't Use Heat Styling Tools That Much During Summers

It's always safer to quit heat styling during scorching summer heat. Regular use of styling tools, in general, may damage your hair. Instead of blow-drying your hair, you can air dry. You may use your curler or straightener for occasional purposes. However, it's always safe to limit the use of heat styling tools to reduce hair fall due to summer.

One quick note –

What you eat will have an impact on your health just like it does on your skin. So, ensure that you consume a balanced diet rich in protein, iron, and Vitamin C. Note that these nutrients can ensure healthy hair growth. You can include eggs, meat, fish, lentils, Greek yoghurt, and beans. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, too.

  • Go for Mild Shampoos 

Shampooing your hair is an important routine – skipping one session may result in excessive hair fall. Hair loss in summer is more evident for people who don't take their shampooing routine seriously. So, ensure you shampoo your hair at least twice or thrice weekly. This way, you can see visible results and expect less hair fall. 

While choosing a hair shampoo, choose one that excludes harmful ingredients like parabens and sulphate. Note that parabens-free and sulphate-free shampoos are devoid of harsh chemicals. They are gentler on your hair and cause drying. 

In addition, a mild shampoo ensures a perfect pH balance. Select a shampoo for hair loss in summer that is suitable for your hair texture.

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  • Trim Your Hair Once in a While

You may schedule regular trims with your stylist once every 6 to 8 weeks during summer. You need to prevent split ends and damage that may travel up the hair shaft. You may ask your stylist to trim a bit to ensure there are no split ends. Getting rid of split ends helps you maintain healthy hair growth.

  • Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Stress takes a toll on your entire body, including your hair. Stress increases cortisol, which results in hair loss in summer. Pamper yourself with a good self-care session and perform relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. You can also pursue a hobby like reading or singing, which may alleviate stress. 

Some individuals find herbs essential and helpful for improving hair growth. These remedies can also reduce shedding. You have plenty of options, such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, and green tea that can stimulate blood circulation. A natural remedy can improve your hair condition. However, it's imperative to consult your doctor before taking the supplements.

Tight hairstyles like braids, ponytails, and buns may damage hair or cause hair fall due to summer. Instead, wear loose hairdos that let your hair rest. You may use satin scrunchies to tie your hair. Note that satin reduces the chances of hair fall. You can also use a satin pillow while sleeping. 


If you notice increased shedding or thinning hair, please visit a doctor to identify the issue. While summer does not directly cause permanent hair loss, it may worsen underlying conditions like pattern baldness. 

The doctor might check for nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and other health issues. If any underlying cause is noted, the expert will suggest treatment options for regrowth. If you think the hair loss in summer isn't due to seasonal changes or the condition worsens, you can always consult the team of experts at Medlinks.


Q. What's The Reason Behind Hair Breakage During Summer?

You may see your hair breaking more often during summer because of the UV rays. Summer is the time when you get exposed to the sunlight. As a result, the harmful ultraviolet rays can increase the chances of hair breakage, most commonly during summer. Other causes of hair fall in summer include dehydration, air conditioning, etc.

Q. Can Oil Treatments Reduce Hair Fall?

Applying oils like coconut and olive oil to your scalp deeply conditions your hair during summer. The oil penetrates deep inside the hair cuticles. You must massage your hair from roots to tips. The best way to opt for oil treatment is by using a shower cap. Let the oil soak in with a mild product for 30 minutes before shampooing. You must treat your hair with oil at least twice every week. 

Q. Will Hair Get Thinner During Summer?

Summer is a season when people experience hair fall issues more commonly. Due to UV exposure and dehydration, heat results in hair loss in summer. However, if you are experiencing chronic hair loss or patterned baldness, there might be other issues. You must consult MedLinks in case your severe hair loss results from genetic issues. The professional team offers the FUE, FUT, and Perfect-I transplantation.

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