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19 April, 2024 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

GFC therapy is an advanced treatment for reducing hair fall. If you have a receding hairline, it is common to wonder about the GFC hair treatment success rate. A GFC hair treatment is suitable for those who have hormonal hair loss. GFC, also known as Growth Factor Concentrate hair treatment, is a cutting-edge solution that promises to restore your hair. 

It is a revolutionary type of hair loss treatment that uses the growth factors in your blood. In this procedure, the doctor injects the growth factors into your hair roots to counter hair loss. The GFC treatment has emerged as one of the most effective treatments to counter hair loss in numerous individuals. Here is what you should know about the success rate of GFC hair treatment. 

What are the Important Things to Know About GFC?

Before we discuss the success rate of GFC hair treatment in Delhi, it is crucial to know about it. Unlike traditional hair transplants, the GFC treatment is unique. It is this treatment’s uniqueness that has made it immensely popular among people struggling with hair loss issues. 

GFC is a concentrated solution derived from the patient’s blood plasma. Many individuals confuse PRP with GFC hair treatment. The blood plasma of an individual is rich in growth factors. These growth factors can also be referred to as proteins. The growth factors play a crucial role in triggering cell regrowth and repair in hair follicles. 

The Working Mechanism of GFC Hair Treatment 

In this procedure, the dermatologist will inject the growth factors directly into your scalp. The main objective behind injecting these growth factors is their ability to nourish and revitalise the dormant hair follicles. You will experience healthy hair growth only after a few sessions. Moreover, the process is a straightforward one with any complications. 

In the first step, a small amount of blood will be drawn from your vein. The hair transplant clinic will spin this blood in a centrifuge to separate the growth factor from the plasma. This concentrated solution is then carefully injected into your scalp. 

Note that GFC hair treatment is also suitable for individuals with bald patches. The dermatologist uses a specialised micro-needling technique to ensure optimal absorption of the growth factors. Before opting for the GFC hair treatment, you should be aware of the GFC hair treatment cost

The Success Rate of GFC Hair Treatment 

When compared to traditional hair loss treatments, GFC hair treatment has a higher success rate. This is mainly due to the unique working mechanism of this treatment. The patient’s blood is used to trigger hair regrowth which is pretty unique. However, one shouldn’t get carried away with the success rate of the GFC treatment. 

The success of the GFC hair treatment depends greatly on the experience of the clinic. Therefore, it is important to consult with an experienced clinic to undergo GFC hair treatment. Moreover, you have to ensure that the clinic can explain to you the GFC vs PRP comparison. Nevertheless, GFC hair treatment has a successful track record of addressing hair loss in numerous individuals. 

Factors Influencing the GFC Hair Treatment Results 

While the overall success of GFC hair treatment is impressive, it is crucial to note that individual outcomes may vary. Listed are the common factors that can influence the success of the GFC hair treatment. 

Age and Health Parameters 

As with any medical procedure, age and health parameters play an important role in the success of GFC hair treatment. Usually, younger patients with good overall health conditions are a good fit for this procedure. But that doesn’t mean the older people don’t stand a chance. It is essential to consult with a dermatologist to learn about the GFC hair treatment success rate. 

The Severity of Hair Loss 

The severity of hair loss can also impact the success rate of GFC. Individuals with more advanced or extensive hair loss may require multiple treatments. They may also need a combination of therapies to achieve optimal results.

Consistency and Commitment 

Consistency and commitment to the treatment plan are also crucial factors in determining success. GFC hair treatment typically involves multiple sessions over a period of several months. Therefore, adhering to the recommended schedule is essential for maximising results.

GFC Treatment Aftercare – Things to Know 

It is crucial to follow the aftercare plan designed by your doctor to get the best results from a GFC hair transplant. In other words, you must be careful when your scalp heals after the procedure. The recovery stage is the most vital time when a minor mistake can lead to severe repercussions. Listed are the things to consider while recovering from a GFC hair transplant. 

  • Refrain from using the comb to brush your hair for an indefinite period. 
  • Based on the suggestions of the best clinic for hair transplant in Delhi, it takes about a month for you to indulge in strenuous activities. 
  • Don’t expose your scalp to the sun. It is important to wear a protective covering after a GFC hair treatment. 
  • It takes one to two days to wash your hair after the treatment. If you are experiencing any type of discomfort, consult your surgeon. 
  • Don’t use other hair care products other than the ones recommended by your doctor. 
  • During the first few days, you should keep your body hydrated. 

With the power of growth factors by your side, it is easier now to sport a lustrous mane. You can learn more about the GFC hair treatment success rate by consulting with MedLinks. The clinic has proven expertise in numerous types of innovative and advanced hair treatments in Delhi. 


How Effective is GFC for Hair Loss?

If dermatologists are to be believed, GFC is a highly effective treatment to counter hair loss. By superficially injecting them into the scalp, doctors can trigger hair growth and counter hair loss. 

How Long Do the Results of the GFC Treatment Last?

The results of the GFC hair treatment may last for six months to two years. However, it is always a good idea to discuss with your doctor. 

Can GFC Regrow Hair Permanently?

GFC can regrow hair permanently as it involves the infusion of growth factors into your scalp. It can promote thicker and denser hair. 

How Much Blood is Drawn for GFC?

Usually, the doctor will take around 15 ml to 16 ml of blood from the patient to properly separate the growth factors.

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