Hair Botox vs Cysteine: Which One is Better?

15 April, 2024 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

The domain of hair treatments is a fast-paced one, with many debating the merits of hair Botox vs cysteine. Do you know that both these treatments can help you get the silkiest and smoothest tresses of your dreams? These two hair treatments are garnering interest for their impact on lending shine to the hair. 

When the context is about achieving healthy and luscious locks, we’re often faced with a dizzying array of hair treatments. The situation becomes extremely difficult when you want to know which treatment reigns supreme. Here is what you should know before heading to the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

What is Hair Botox?

Besides knowing about the cysteine hair treatment side effects, you should be aware of what hair Botox is. Most people think that Hair Botox is an injection for hair strands. Instead, it is a deep conditioning treatment that infuses your hair with a powerful combination of nutrients. The main objective of hair Botox in Delhi is to repair and fortify your damaged hair. Moreover, Botox has anti-fading traits which means that it is suitable for colour-treated hair. 

The Working Mechanism of Hair Botox

Getting a hair Botox treatment typically involves a few steps. In the first stage, your dermatologist will extensively clean your hair to ensure that there is no accumulation of debris or oils. In the second stage, the doctor will apply the Botox solution carefully from the root to the tip. The main objective here is to ensure complete coverage. 

The third stage encompasses wrapping your hair in a steamer or a heated cap. The primary aim is to allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. After an hour, the solution is rinsed carefully. Your hair will be blow-dried and styled based on your preferences. 

Who Should Choose Hair Botox?

It is crucial to determine the benefits of hair Botox vs cysteine to choose the right treatment. Moreover, you should know whether you’re a good candidate for hair Botox. Note that you are an ideal candidate for Botox if you have frizzy hair. Furthermore, this treatment is effective for those with dry and chemically treated hair. It will make your hair easier to style. 

Things to Know About Cysteine Treatment for Hair

Cysteine is another popular type of hair treatment. It is a type of hair treatment that works on the keratin protein found in your hair follicles. As it is a protein-based treatment, it renders you with a blow-dried appearance. Cysteine treatment for hair works with the keratin in your hair follicles. Dermatologists opine that cysteine is more effective than Botox as it helps in repairing the broken disulfide bonds between your hair shaft. 

How Does the Cysteine Treatment Work?

The working mechanism of the cysteine treatment is pretty similar to hair Botox. The dermatologist will clean your hair thoroughly, apply the cysteine-rich concentrate, and blow-dry your hair. However, there is a significant difference between Botox and cysteine hair treatment. In cysteine treatment, the solutions need to be applied to the hair for an entire day. It is a good idea to research the cysteine hair treatment price in Delhi if you want to undergo this treatment. 

Major Differences Between Botox and Cysteine Hair Treatments 

Now that you have got a good understanding of the fundamentals of these hair treatments, let’s explore the major differences between them. 


Both these hair treatments differ in terms of longevity. Cysteine hair treatment is a clear winner when the parameter of comparison is longevity. With proper care, the outcomes of cysteine hair treatment can last for more than six months. On the other hand, Botox treatments tend to last for less than four months. 

Suitability for Hair Types 

Cysteine hair treatment and Botox are ideal for a vast range of hair types. However, cysteine is a clear winner when the context is about versatility. This is so because this advanced hair treatment targets your hair’s internal structure. When you are aware of the cysteine hair treatment pros and cons, you can make a wise choice. Hair Botox may be less effective for hair with extensive damage. 


Both these treatments need some level of aftercare to prolong their effects. Hair Botox doesn’t require extensive aftercare. So, if you are a busy professional looking to counter frizzy hair, Botox is the best bet. On the other hand, cysteine treatments require comprehensive aftercare. They require deep conditioning at frequent intervals. Therefore, Botox is a clear winner in this department. 


Cost is a big deciding factor when you are opting for a hair treatment in Delhi. Both these hair treatments are relatively comparable in terms of cost. However, as cysteine offers long-term results, some may find this treatment affordable. The prices can vary based on the location and expertise of the clinic. It is a good idea to consult with a clinic for hair transplant in Delhi to get a basic idea of the cost. 

Final Verdict – Which Treatment is Better?

There is no denying that the cost of hair Botox and cysteine treatments depends on an individual’s personal preferences. Moreover, it also relies on your hair needs. If your main objective is to make your hair glossy and unique, Botox is the best option. 

But if your hair is severely damaged and lacks strength, a cysteine treatment should be the better option. Carefully consider the merits of hair Botox vs cysteine to choose the right hair treatment in Delhi. You can book a consultation with MedLinks to know the pros and cons of each statement based on your hair type and condition. 


Why is Cysteine a Better Hair Treatment?

Cysteine is a better hair treatment as it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or its other substitutes. 

Which Hair Treatment is Safest?

Note that both cysteine and Botox hair treatments are safer. However, if you are still apprehensive, you should consult with a hair transplant clinic. 

Is Hair Botox Good for Hair?

There is no denying that Botox is good for your hair. It is deeply nourishing and hydrating which can leave your hair looking fuller and glossier. 

What is the Cost of Hair Botox in Delhi?

The cost of Botox varies based on the expertise of the clinic. It is vital that you consult with the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi to know about the cost.

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