Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey And The Advantages Of Choosing India in 2023

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey And Why India Can Be The Best Option In 2023?

23 May, 2023 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Over 21 million females and 35 million males have Alopecia or extreme hair loss worldwide. Nearly, 6.5 million people undergo hair transplantation surgery on a yearly basis. In recent years, the loss of hair in adult men and women has become a serious problem. A number of factors make most individuals experience this prevalent issue, causing a decrease in their self-esteem.

Indeed, the cost of hair transplantation depends on a person’s desires and needs, besides the total count of grafts and the required treatment level. Consulting an experienced hair restoration specialist can help you get a clear idea about the cost it would need to cover the hairless areas on your scalp. However, according to many people, the hair transplant cost in Turkey is pretty costly.

Why is Turkey Losing Its Importance as A Suitable Hair Transplant Destination?

Even a few years back, a huge number of people with significant hair loss issues, hair thinning or receding hairline problems used to travel to Turkey for hair restoration treatments. Things have changed drastically over time. It is not because the quality of hair transplantations has deteriorated but the growing popularity of India as a more cost-effective hair transplant destination.

At the majority of leading clinics in Turkey that carry out various hair replacement procedures, one needs to pay a quite higher amount of charges for hair transplantations. There are a couple of reasons for the increase in cost. Firstly, qualified dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons charge higher fees. Secondly, the expenses for maintaining advanced tools for hair restoration are also substantial. 

Hair Transplantation Techniques in Turkey

Irrespective of the country, opting for hair transplantation surgery is prudent to get rid of hair loss issues and enjoy a fuller head of hair. One can suffer from hair loss and have patchy bald spots on the scalp due to an unhealthy diet, lack of hair care, improper lifestyle, health problems and genetic factors. 

The Follicular Unit Extraction is an appropriate hair transplant method if you wish to attain maximum fullness. The FUT method is better for covering the bald spots around your head’s crown area. Both these techniques are effective and can help one get over hair loss problems if it is performed correctly by the professionals. 

Seasoned hair specialists know the right and efficient way to carry out hair transplantations. You will get the desired result of the growth of natural and healthy hair when a professional performs the surgery. Rest it's assured that the hair transplant cost in Turkey will be much more if a highly qualified surgeon supervises your treatment.

The hair transplantation specialists transfer hair roots from the donor area to the bald spots quite assiduously. They take roots from the nape areas because the hair’s DHT hormone is present here. The success rate is higher because the experts use the hair follicles of the patient only in order to cover the hairless regions. 

Still, many people do not get the expected result after a hair transplant treatment in Turkey. Therefore, the number of individuals visiting India lately for hair transplantations has increased a lot. Reading further will help you understand why India is the best option at present for undergoing an efficacious hair restoration treatment.

Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey and Other Countries

India is the Go-To Country for Hair Transplantation

Currently, the success rate of hair transplant in India is 98%, much higher compared to Turkey and other European nations. All reputed hair transplant clinics in India give immense priority to the use of advanced technologies and tools, besides having a team of proficient and versed hair restoration specialists. In addition, hair transplants in India are more affordable than in other nations.

Every person who suffers from hair loss problems prefers undergoing hair transplantation in an Indian clinic having excellent success rate. People feel safer and stress-free when they know that a particular clinic is well-reputed for carrying out hair transplantation in a successful manner. Moreover, they do not think about the second option when a clinic charges a budget-friendly price.

The hair transplant success rate between genders varies a bit. The reason is a difference in baldness patterns in females and males. Therefore, the success rate in females ranges between 85-90% and in males, it is from 95-98%. Such a high success rate of hair transplantation encourages many individuals to opt for this hair restoration method in India. 

Everyone prioritises appearance, which is why having a fuller head of healthy hair can work wonders. Men are becoming aware of the importance of grooming these days, and it is one of the reasons to undergo hair transplant treatment. The increase in hair transplantation in India is also because of the wide availability of cutting-edge technologies and tools.

Both men and women show more interest when the hair transplant cost in India is within their budget. In addition, everyone believes that it is safe to undergo hair transplantation when the procedures are safe, and there are no major side effects.


Modern Hair Transplantation Method in India

A leading hair transplant clinic in India, such as Medlinks, has discovered an ultra-modern and highly upgraded technique to conduct FUE hair transplant. Expert surgeons at this clinic can implant extracted hair follicles in a quick time when they leverage the Perfect – i method. This hair transplant in India procedure is unlike the conventional Follicular Unit Extraction technique and can save you a lot of healthy hair.

Hair follicles remain out of one’s body for 4 to 8 hours in a standard FUE process. When the time goes beyond six hours, the minimum 8% hair loss can shoot up to nearly 30%. You do not have to take any stress of losing hair and get the expected result when you opt for the Perfect-I technique of hair transplantation. This technique ensures that hair specialists treat each precious hair root in the best manner possible to eliminate hair loss.

Key Reasons to Undergo Perfect-i Hair Transplantation Method

  • This hair transplant procedure takes less time than the conventional FUE method to get completed.
  • 100% results because of no to minimal death of graft due to proper storage conditions
  • It ensures faster results than typical FUE
  • It guarantees zero visible scars post-hair transplantation
  • No damage to hair follicles owing to the advanced Feather Touch technique
  • Perfect-i hair transplant cost in India is affordable

Make sure you choose a trusted hair transplant centre where you can easily undergo any traditional hair transplant treatment, besides Perfect-i. You must ensure that hair transplant surgeons do not use implanters. 

The reason is you may not get the result you expect if they use implanters, which can cause injury. Moreover, the slits’ size is more than the graft’s size when hair specialists use implanters, causing more harm to the recipient region. 

The Cost of Hair Transplant in India in 2023

The average hair transplantation cost at leading Indian clinics is nearly 1 Lakh INR. You may not even have to pay so much if you opt for a common hair transplant procedure such as conventional FUE. In comparison to Turkey and other Western countries, Indian hair transplant centres such as Medlinks employ the FUE technique more than the strip hair transplant method.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Permanent is the FUE Hair Transplant Method?

Most expert hair specialists consider the FUE Hair Transplant Method permanent if you properly care for your hair post-treatment.

2. Which is the Best Hair Transplant Procedure?

Both FUE and FUT can help you have a fuller head of hair. You can even opt for the Perfect-I hair transplantation method for fullness and cover bad areas better.

3. How Safe Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is generally safe when a qualified and experienced surgeon conducts a hair transplantation treatment. 

4. Is Hair Transplantation Affordable in India?

The hair transplant cost in India is more affordable than in many other countries popular as hair transplant destinations. 

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