What Causes Hair Thinning and Dietary Changes that Could Prevent It

27 September, 2014 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani
The thickness of hair shaft makes our hair look plumper, thicker and full. The decrease in thickness of the shaft is identified as hair thinning. But, it should be all over the scalp uniformly. And in case you are experiencing hair thinning just over any particular part of your scalp then the problem is different than thinning.

There are various known reasons that contribute to hair thinning and some of those can be treated easily. In some cases certain dietary changes can do the trick. However, in case of female pattern baldness, the diffused thing is evident and cannot be cured except by hair transplant surgery.

In case of men suffering from the problem it is also advised to keep a short crop that make hair over head look plumper. However in women it offers a distasteful look and they can use hair extension and volumizer to get the desired look. However, neither short crops nor volumizers could be used as permanent solution and therefore it is best to know what could be done to get a thick and fuller hair over the head. Some of the dietary changes that should be considered by people who are suffering from problems of thin hair. However, the following changes will not help people suffering from pattern baldness.

Salmon Fish

To try this remedy you have to be a non-vegetarian as it required consuming tasty Salmon fish. The hair shaft is made of Omega-3 fatty acid along with other matter, the natural oil over the scalp also contain the same acid. And therefore this is considered one of the best diets for enhanced hair growth. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can extract similar benefit by including avocados in your diet.


The health of hair including its thickness is highly dependent on how much vitamin E is available for the nourishment of the hair and scalp. And if you are suffering from problem of thin hair then there are high chances that you are deficient in vitamin E and the best option to replenish the deficit is by consuming walnuts. Those who are not much into walnuts they can try its oil directly into their salad. Apart from nourishing the hair Walnuts are also great in protecting the cells from DNA damage.

Nuts, Eggs and Oysters

If you include these in your diet then you get sufficient supply of zinc and protein. No matter how well you nourish your scalp and hair unless your body has got lots of protein your hair might go on getting thing. The basic reason behind focusing on a diet rich in protein is that 97% of hair is made up of protein and therefore to replace hair naturally; body needs protein rich diet.

Sweet Potato, lentils, Spinach

Iron, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and biotin are readily available in the Spinach, Sweet potato and lentils and are very much useful to get back thick black hair over the head. And therefore it is necessary to include these items in regular diet.

Yogurt and Poultry

Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D are a must for healthy and fuller locks. As a rich source of these two vitamins Yogurt and Poultry should be essentially included in the diet of people suffering from hair thinning.

There are several other super foods that offer Vitamins and Minerals to keep your hair strong and thick, however it is not possible to include all those food in your diet and therefore you can choose as many as possible from the aforementioned foods/edibles.

And in case if you do not witness any marked improvement in the health of your hair and its thickness even after 2-3 months of changing your diet then you should consult a hair treatment expert for the problem of hair thinning.

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