10 Causes of Hair Loss

19 October, 2015 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani
Loving your hair is a common feeling and losing your hair is like a nightmare. Be it after a shower, while combing, blow drying or any other way a big, black hairy ball can scare the wits out of anyone. Males are mostly scared of the male pattern baldness that can shatter their dreams of looking the so-called smart and handsome. Sometimes this problem often lowers the confidence and morale of a person. Now-a-days, women are also the victims of this problem and they apply many tricks and solutio

However, not many know the causes of hair fall that can be avoided if taken proper care and precautions. Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of hair fall.


Stress is one of the major causes for numerous ailments these days. Taking too much stress is a cause of hair fall. Be it physical or emotional stress it can disrupt your hair cycle leading to excessive hair loss. A stressful event in your life can also be a cause of hair loss. If a person has been through a stressful event, then they can experience hair loss up to 6 weeks to 3 months. While shampooing, styling or brushing you can also lose handfuls of hair.

High amounts of Vitamin A

High amounts of Vitamin A in your body through supplements, medications or any other way can trigger hair loss. So, to stop hair loss you have to control the consumption of Vitamin A in your daily diet and once it is controlled, then you can stop worrying about the hair loss problem.

Less amounts of Proteins

For healthy and shiny hair growth, Proteins are a must. If your diet chart does not include adequate amounts of proteins, then your body may balance it out by loosing your hair. So, it is best to follow a protein rich diet including fish, meat and eggs.

Male Pattern Balness

If we talk about this cause, then it is likely that there are many men who would be ready to share their scary stories. Most of the men fall prey to this cause around the age of 60. This hair loss is explained, as a cause of a combo of genes and male sex hormones. In this pattern, the hair, generally falls at the temples, leaving an M shaped hairline. As a solution to this problem you can consult best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi for male pattern hair loss treatment in Delhi.

Hormonal Changes

Well, it is a most common factor of hair loss in women. Hormonal changes usually imbalances the internal body functions and can cause temporary hair loss. The possible reasons of hormonal changes are pregnancy, childbirth or the onset of menopause. If a person is having a thyroid problem, then he/she is likely to face the hair loss problem because hormone levels get effected by the thyroid gland.

Hair Styling Tools

Using different hair styling tools to look your best, is something we all love to do. But little do we know about the harmful effects these tools can have on our hair. Blow Dryer, Straightener, Curler or any other hair styling tool may tempt you to try them on your hair and an easy and no fuss method, but they contribute to losing the long strands.

Regular use of chemical products

Strong shampoo, conditioner, gel and other products lure people with attractive packaging, but have many chemicals that can harm your hair in more than one way. These products make the hair shafts weak, leading to split ends, hair loss and other hair related issues.

Junk Food

Pizzas, Burger, Noodles and a list of endless junk food that are desired by the taste buds, but also have reverse reactions. They do have taste, but they lack in nutrients that can help your body to grow and develop. If you are one of them, who live on Junk Food, then it can lead you to many nutritional deficiencies, which may contribute to hair loss. Furthermore, eating disorders also lead to excessive hair loss.

Sleep Deprivation

Who does not love to sleep? But, hectic schedules and tight work deadlines hardly give us time to enjoy a peaceful and long sleep. People who are deprived of sleep can also see it under their eyes and head. Usually, sleep disorders can have an effect on your hair and if it is not controlled, then it can also lead to baldness.

Medication and Treatment

Many times, we have to take strong medicines due to an illness, accident or any other reason, which also leaves an impact on our body and hair. Overuse of certain medicines or heavy dosage leads to excessive hair loss and baldness.

So, now we know the most common causes of hair loss and there are many more causes that contribute to hair loss such as heredity, diseases, dramatic weight loss and aging. It’s time to stop worrying about hair fall and initiating steps to get best hair loss treatment in Delhi. Let the shiny and lustrous locks look healthy and great every day!

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