How to Speed Up your Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery

15 March, 2018 | Hair Transplant
The growing concern of hair loss has compelled many people to opt for a hair loss treatment, which is the major reason why hair transplant in India is becoming increasingly common. However, it should be noted that hair restoration surgery or hair transplant is a surgical procedure and not a miracle. Therefore, it is extremely important for every individual undergoing the surgery to remain patient for the hair growth as the results take time and can vary from person to person.

Below mentioned are a few points which will help you speed up your hair growth after hair transplant:

  • Gently treat your scalp with the medications prescribed by the doctor to avoid damaging the sections of transplanted hair. Once the doctor permits, use a gentle shampoo to clean the area around hair follicles and avoid abrasive movements. Instead of rubbing, pat your scalp dry after washing.
  • Itching and scabbing are common after-effects of hair transplant surgery. Avoid scratching your scalp and keep your fingers distant to ensure proper healing.
  • Stay away from physical activities such as jogging, outdoor sports, etc. for at least 10-12 days post-surgery to prevent the newly transplant hair from falling out of the scalp.
  • As per the University of Maryland Medical Center, gently massaging your hair by mixing three drops of essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint and sage with one teaspoon of olive oil has a significantly positive impact on hair growth.
  • Consuming at least 2-3 litres of water per day is a must for removing toxins from the body and eliminating the disease-causing bacteria through urination. As toxins are eradicated, the body will be able to focus more on your scalp leading to faster hair growth.
  • A well-balanced, iron and protein-rich diet with all essential nutrients, including vegetables such as broccoli, beans, and anti-oxidant foods like blueberries, cherries, tomatoes, etc. help stimulate hair growth. Avoid foods whose additives can lead to allergic reactions like soy, dairy products.
  • Vitamins are essential for speeding up the hair growth process. Based on your doctor’s advice, consume Vitamin B6 capsules daily to enhance the strength of your hair as well as increase the rate of hair growth.

Following the doctor’s instructions is imperative to get best results post your hair transplant surgery. Also, ensure getting your hair loss treatment done by the best hair transplant surgeons in India who can provide long-lasting returns on your investment. The surgery serves as a game-changer and is known to improve the self-esteem and social standing of everyone who undergoes it.

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