How PERFECT-I is better than FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Methods

9 December, 2014 | Hair Transplant
Technological advancements do essentially crop out from the existing technologies and this is also true for hair transplant methods. Years ago there was no FUE or FUT and people who underwent surgeries for hair transplantation got results that were nowhere near natural hair growth.

But the doctors continually worked over the existing technologies and improved them to come to stage when natural hair pattern was possible. For such results, FUE and FUT methods were certainly most advanced and accepted throughout the world.

The same technology has now been improved and Perfect-I has been developed. Though there are only some differences that one can get with this method but the improvements are remarkable and hence it is obviously considered a superior process. Among others some of the major factors that make Perfect-I a better process than FUE and FUT are as follows.


The most impacting outcome of technological advancements have always been reflected as cost implications. We enjoy luxuries at inexpensive price, all due to advancement in technology. However, in case of hair transplant methods, the cost implication comes as a dual effect. First, the cost is reduced due to use of equipment that has eased the process. Secondly, the waste of grafts which is evident in FUE and FUT process are almost non-existent in case of Perfect-I and thus the cost of hair transplant through this method gets reduced.

In case of low volume of donor area

Both FUE and FUT require good volume of donor grafts as a considerable percentage of grafts get wasted in the process. However, when Perfect –I is to be used, even low volume of donor area can be perfectly utilized.

Time Taken for the procedure

Surgery in any form is tiring both for the surgeon and the support staff. And so in case of long hours of hair transplant surgery, last stage may be rushed through, which further translates into poor result. But when Perfect-I is used, there is no such issue. The time taken for the process id lowered considerably with use of highy advance equipment. Further, as in case of this method, grafts are simultaneously implanted as soon as they are extracted and hence there is no wait time between two procedures of the hair transplant method.

Natural Pattern

Earliest methods utilized for transplant were able to regenerate hair from the grafted follicles but the pattern of hair that grew from them was unacceptable. With FUE and FUT results improved greatly and were almost near to natural pattern. But it is only with perfect-I technique that the hair grows exactly in the natural pattern.

There are several other finer differences but they mostly relate to intricacies of the procedure and type so equipment used. But the bottom line remain unchanged, which obviously state that one gets better result when Perfect-I technique of hair transplantation is used. Then, it is also to be considered that no one can get results just through a better process.

It is also imperative that the surgeon conducting the procedure should have impeccable skills and considerable experience ensuring results are undiminished and worth the surgical effort.


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