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19 February, 2021 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

It is a complete myth that only older people witness hair thinning and hair loss. According to researchers, 25% of men start witnessing premature balding and hair loss during their early 20s. But, the condition isn’t restricted to just men. Nearly 40% of women also contribute to the overall discourse of hair loss, premature thinning, and hair fall complaints.

Hair transplant is one of the most effective forms of hair restoration that promotes hair regrowth in the balding sites and eradicates the signs of thinning hair on the scalp. If you are set to undergo the procedure, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the best hair transplant clinics in India.

There are two types of hair transplant procedures, namely FUE and FUT. Based on the best service, we have done the work for you and sorted out a list of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi and pan India that you can consider.

Best Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Clinic In India

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a popular type of hair transplant procedure involving individual hair follicles extracted from the donor site, followed by implantation in the recipient site on the scalp.

Several qualified and highly acclaimed hair transplant clinics in India specialise in FUE transplantation. Here is a list of the best ones:

#1. Medlinks

Medlinks is hands down one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, India, that you can consider for getting the FUE transplantation done. From having a highly-experienced and specialised team of hair transplant surgeons to using the most advanced techniques, they have established themselves as a leading option for cosmetic procedures.

They have two well-reputed clinics in South Delhi and Gurgaon, both known for satisfying patient results. The clinic has garnered years of experience in Aesthetic Dermatology and Hair Transplants and delivers a range of treatments involving surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Dr. Gaurang Krishna, one of the leading experts at Medlinks, has also invented a popular hair transplant technique called PERFECT-i. He has been internationally trained in Hair Transplantation and is a sought-after trainer in Robotic and Perfect-i hair Transplants.

Under FUE, the clinic specialises in Perfect-I hair transplant, a more advanced and safer mode of hair restorative surgery. It involves instant implantation of the extracted hair for higher chances of hair regrowth in the future. It is not a very prevalent treatment available in India; however, their team of specialist doctors has adapted to the advancing techniques and made them more accessible to our patients.

#2. AK Clinics

Located in Delhi and Ludhiana, AK Clinics is another well-known hair transplant clinic in India. According to the organisation's mission, its main objective is to bring satisfying and successful cosmetic procedures at affordable hair transplant cost. It is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure clinics in Delhi and pan India. The clinic specialises in FUE hair transplant, ensuring that every step of the process, from slit making to the transplantation, is done by skilled surgeons.

The clinic was founded in 2008 by Dr. Kapil Dua and Dr. Aman Dua, who are also part of the teaching faculty at the Dayanand Medical College in Ludhiana. They have treated hundreds of patients struggling with hair loss, balding, and even alopecia.

A unique feature about this clinic that sets it apart from the rest is that they offer free online consultation to the patients to help them overcome their fear of these cosmetic procedures and make an informed decision about the treatment.

#3. Darling Buds

When looking for one of the most renowned hair transplant clinics in India that specialises in FUE hair transplant treatment, Darling Buds is a pioneer in the field. It is accredited as the first clinic in India that transformed its traditional FUT treatment into FUE only clinic.

Led by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Darling Buds provides satisfying results to their patients because of his years of professional experience and specialisation in FUE hair transplantation. With reinforced state-of-the-art technologies and a team of qualified surgeons, the clinic has been providing the patients with the desired results year after year.

Dr. Bhatti vehemently advocates for FUE treatment as a safer and more reliable hair transplantation treatment. The clinic is equipped with 4th Generation systems and FUE equipment for superior success rates.

#4. Dermaclinix - Dr. Kavish Chouhan & Dr. Amrendra Kumar

Another notable hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR is Dermaclinix. It is one of India's highly-rated hair transplant and skin clinics that strive to provide patients with safe and affordable treatment options. The clinic is known for using the latest composite hair transplantation techniques for satisfying results.

Dr. Kavish Chouhan is the director, senior consultant dermatologist, and hair transplant specialist at Dermaclinix. He previously worked as a senior resident at PGIMER and completed his initial residency at AIIMS, Delhi.

Dr. Amrendra Kumar is the founder and managing director at Dermaclinix and is one of the most accredited dermatologists in Delhi. He has 14 years of experience, with 10 years of specialisation experience. Like Dr. Chouhan, Dr. Kumar has also completed his initial residency at AIIMS, Delhi, followed by his senior residency at PGIMER.

Best Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Hospital In India

FUT or follicular unit transplantation is another popular hair transplant technique where the hair follicles are extracted in strips and groups of 1-4 hair follicles instead of just one single unit. It is alternatively known as the strip procedure.

Here are a few options if you are looking for the best clinic for hair transplants in Delhi and pan India that specialises in FUT.

#1. Medlinks

The team at MedLinks consists of experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists in FUT hair transplantation. The patients from 25 countries worldwide have been treated successfully at Medlinks. Dr Gaurang Krishna is a renowned hair transplant surgeon who invented new hair transplant techniques. He has received comprehensive training in hair restoration surgery, dermatosurgery, and cosmetic surgery. He has been a hair transplant expert for several celebrities from different industries.

The clinic is also equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, including cold LED lights, stereo-microscopes, and high-resolution cameras to ensure higher patient success rates. We strive to provide our clients with world-class treatment for long-lasting results and not quick fixes. They aim to cater 360° solutions to patients with customised treatment plans.

#2. Dr. Vasa

Dr. Vasa is a pioneer in hair transplantation and restoration with over 23 years of professional experience. Dr. Sanjeev Vasa is one of the most esteemed hair transplant specialists known for his own hair transplant training academy in Gujarat. He is known for his innovative and patented “Feather Touch Technology”, which is popular in follicular hair restorative procedures.

In addition to his surgical experience, Dr. Vasa is known for designing and developing surgical instruments across the country. This includes retaining strip plate, follicle dissecting platform, needle stopper, bud holder, and dabber.

After getting his medical degree from India, Dr. Vasa completed his post-graduation in the U.K. They practiced there for nine years after securing his certification from the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) Fellowship.

#2. Enhance Clinics - Dr. Manoj Khanna

Enhance Clinics is a popular option if you are looking for a leading FUT hair transplant clinic in Delhi. The primary objective of this clinic is to bring unparalleled aesthetic transformations that leave its patients satisfied and feeling their best. Dr. Manoj Khanna is the Chairman and Managing Director at Enhance Clinics.

Dr. Khanna is one of the most popular celebrity hair transplant surgeons with national and international accreditations. Apart from his initial degrees (MBBS, MS, and MCh) from Kolkata, he has further completed his specialisations in the United States. He has successfully completed over 4500 hair transplant surgeries with satisfying results.

He is also known for developing a unique hair transplantation instrument called the “Kolkata Slit,” which aids Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT). The instrument is currently in the process of getting patented. Click below on the link to know more details.

#3. Dr. A’s Clinic

Dr. A's Clinic is a leading hair transplant and restorative clinic specialising in FUT techniques. It is one of the finest clinics in India, offering the latest hair restorative procedures at affordable costs and higher success rates. The clinic is run under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Arvind Poswal invented the stitch-less FUSE technique that has paved the way for cosmetology.

Dr. Arvind Poswal completed his initial medical education at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (India). Since then, he has acquired over 20 years of experience in this field, offering skilled and precise treatment options to every patient who comes to their clinic.

At Dr. A's Clinic, the procedures are done by well-trained professionals with years of experience providing restored hair growth without compromising on a natural appearance.

Best Hospital For Composite (FUE + FUT) Hair Treatment

Aside from individual treatment options for FUE and FUE hair transplants, some of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi offer a combined treatment at cost-effective packages. For your convenience, the following is the list of clinics that offer both.

#1. Medlinks

Medlinks has a dedicated floor for the best-in-class hair transplant. The experts evaluate your condition with minute detail and then customise a treatment plan. This makes us one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, India.

Being a part of TrichoDerm Medical Group, Medlinks harbour a team of qualified cosmetic surgeons who have worked on both male and female hair loss issues and getting near-perfect results after the procedure. They strive to provide our clients with optimal post-operative care to ensure satisfying results. The team has served more than 633 Indian patients and more than 219 international patients.

#2. Dr. A’s Clinic

Dr. A’s Clinic is nationally acclaimed to be a leading hair transplantation clinic offering natural-looking hair transplantation with high success rates. As per the primary objective of the clinic, the team of experienced cosmetic surgeons ensures that the patients leave with 100% satisfaction and effective hair regrowth after a few months of initial recovery following the composite hair transplantation treatment.

#3. Satya Skin Clinic

Satya Skin Clinic specialises in composite treatment. They are a critically acclaimed name in the field of hair restoration and skin care. Dr. Shail Gupta is a leading hair transplant surgeon at the clinic who has performed more than 1500 hair transplant surgeries. He is a member of prestigious associations like the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India, and many others.

The main objective of this clinic is to provide treatment to every patient with optimal discretion and empathy. They focus on client safety and positive results without any ulterior motives. The clinic is equipped with all the latest equipment and technologies that aid in professional results and higher success rates.

Best Hybrid (Hair transplant + Hair patch) Hospital In India

Hybrid hair transplant is one of the most recent hair restoration techniques that use both the traditional FUT and the new FUE procedure to transplant as many grafts as possible. The results are very close to the natural hairline appearance.

The team of specialised surgeons at Medlinks, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, work together to assess the severity of the hair loss in the patient and then suggest the best treatment option for them. Along with FUE, FUT, and composite hair transplantation procedures, Medlinks has a team of hair transplant surgeons specialising in hybrid hair transplant procedures. Using the latest techniques, they have become a leading pioneer and the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

When it comes to the overall infrastructure and interiors of the clinic, Medlinks is rated five stars. The team uses UV sterilisation techniques to keep everything free from infection. 

Why Choose MedLinks as the Best Clinic for Hair Transplant in India?

MedLinks has a stellar reputation as a reputed hair transplant clinic in India for hassle-free and the best hair transplants in India. It has teams of experienced and qualified surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals who have more than 10 years of experience and have carried out thousands of hair transplant procedures.

Considered the best hair transplant clinic in India, MedLinks offers a free consultation at its hair restoration centre, where patients can receive unbiased, expert advice on how to proceed with hair transplant in India, with no pressure or obligation to book. Our doctors share an uncompromising commitment to performing individualised hair transplants so that each patient receives personalised treatment, youthful hair density, and a natural-looking hairline.

Hair Transplantation in India for Men

MedLinks is the best hair transplant India-based clinic that offers the latest in new generation and state-of-the-art hair transplant techniques. The leading hair transplant India-based clinic provides ethical, professional consultation by prominent hair transplant surgeons so that patients can access permanent, natural, and proven hair transplants.

Contact our compassionate, confidential, and approachable hair restoration professionals and the best hair transplant clinic in India now! Call MedLinks now.

Hair Transplantation in India for Women

If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in India for women, MedLinks would be an excellent choice. MedLinks has restored the confidence of thousands of hair loss sufferers from all across the world. They take great pride in having a welcoming, compassionate, and warm environment with experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

How to Choose the Best Clinic for Hair Transplant in India?

Choosing the best hair transplant clinic in India may be overwhelming. MedLinks makes things easier for you by offering the best hair transplant services. The teams of experts at MedLinks provide a level of experience and expertise to men and women that very few are able to match. Contact the best hair transplant India-based clinic now!

Take Away

If you have been wondering, “Which is the best hair transplant clinic in India?” We hope this article gives you all the insights and is helpful for you in making an informed decision. Make sure you go through the details of all the best mentioned to sort out the one that works the best for you, both in terms of the cost and your expectations from the procedure.


The hair grafting process primarily depends on the extent and severity of hair loss along with the facial characters of the patient. It is not feasible to determine the extent and severity of hair loss in younger patients. Thus, the best age for a hair transplant is 25 years or more.

Every hair restoration procedure has its share of pros and cons. While some may prefer Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) as it allows more hairs to be grafted, some may choose Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as it is less invasive and requires no stitches.

Generally, hair transplant sessions last for around 45-60 minutes. In some cases, the surgeon may recommend multiple FUE sessions.

Patients may experience loss of grafted hair because of shock loss, which is a common thing after hair transplantation. New hair starts growing by this time and patients no longer experience pain, discomfort, inflammation, or swelling. The grafted follicles would go strong and continue to grow.

Immediately after the surgery, your scalp may be tender. You may experience mild pain, discomfort, inflammation, or swelling. The surgeon would prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, pain-relieving medication, and antibiotics for several days. Bandages would cover your scalp for a day or two, and you can make a return to work 2-5 days after the hair transplant.

The success rate of FUE hair transplant in India is approximately 92-96 percent and the success rate of FUT hair transplant in India is approximately 95-98 percent. It is important to remember that the success rate of hair transplants in India depends on many factors like hair density in the donor area, the elasticity of the skin, and the type of hair.

The success rate of hair transplant in India is also dependent on the contrast between skin and hair colour, the expertise of the surgeon, reputation of the hair restoration clinic, and follicular unit groupings.

The cost of one FUT graft is about ₹35-75 and the cost of one FUE graft is ₹25-40. In other words, the cost of 4000 FUT hair grafts would be approximately ₹1,40,000-3,00,000 and the cost of 4,000 FUE hair grafts would be approximately ₹1,00,000-1,60,000. It is important to remember that these costs don't include medications, the fee of the surgeon, hair restoration clinic fees, etc.

MedLinks is the best clinic for FUE and FUT hair transplantation in India. The qualified and experienced teams of hair transplant surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals at MedLinks incorporate proven methods and the latest technologies to provide the best hair restoration treatment and compassionate care to every patient.

Dr. Gaurang Krishna is the best surgeon for hair transplants in India. Dr. Gaurang is presently serving as the director consultant dermatologist and specialist hair transplant surgeon at MedLinks.

The recovery process will start as soon as the surgery is successfully performed. Patients can leave for their home the same day as hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. Mild pain, discomfort, soreness, scalp tenderness, or inflammation may be experienced by patients. The surgeon will prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and pain-relieving medications so patients don't have to bear any side effects after the surgery.

Patients can make a return to work 5-8 days after the hair transplant surgery. The surgeon would advise you to avoid physical activity, going out in the sun, and taking a power shower. It is important for patients to have regular follow-up checkups with the surgeon to ensure that the healing and recovery phases are successful and don't require any corrective actions.

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