PRP Hair Treatment Cost In India

2 March, 2022 | Hair Transplant

Hair speaks for one’s nature and positively impacts a person’s attractiveness.

Like each body part plays a significant role in our day-to-day life, the hair also contributes to bodily value by improving our appearances and keeping the scalp healthy. However, not everyone is able to enjoy the pristine value of luscious hair as hair fall has become a common occurrence throughout the world.

This article will briefly discuss the PRP hair treatment cost in India and expected results.

With over 147 million people suffering from alopecia, the number of patients with hair loss has increased even more, with more males affected from baldness than females. Major contributors being the environmental factors and stress in one’s life, hair loss is starting to become a permanent issue. Numerous research and hair loss prevention programs aim to attain a healthy lifestyle through diet plans and many treatment programs to reverse hair loss in a patient.

One such treatment plan that has worldwide acceptance is the treatment through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or widely known as PRP injection, wherein fresh PRP extract is slowly injected into the scalp, thereby rejuvenating the hair follicles.

PRP is an extract from the blood components where the platelets are concentrated through the PRP isolation process. What's more beneficial is that the component is rich in growth factors and molecular cues for developing healthy hair, which can even reverse the damage to the hair follicles. Being a biological component, its allogeneic treatment is restricted, and patients need to be treated with their own PRP samples extracted from their blood.

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  1. PRP Hair Treatment Cost In India
  2. Why does PRP Hair Treatment Cost Vary?
  3. Is PRP worth it?
  4. FAQs


1. PRP Hair Treatment Cost in India

Through the many advantages of PRP, its use has increased exponentially, and so is the PRP hair treatment cost. With more people preferring an advanced non-surgical therapy for hair regrowth, the demand for PRP hair treatment in India has expanded as PRP treatment for hair loss is considered a standard way of rejuvenating weak hair follicles. This has led to a variation in PRP hair treatment cost across India, with big cities like PRP treatment cost in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune aiming for coverage of Rs.5000 to Rs.15,000 while an average per session in India is in the range of Rs.4,500 to Rs.15000.

The PRP hair treatment cost is typically not covered by insurance. However, the treatment process itself is less frequent wherein after the initial course of treatment, a yearly or sometimes once in two years follow up is required. The PRP hair treatment cost is trivial for many while considering the far-reaching benefits of the treatment that enhance one's self-esteem and contribute greatly to the aesthetic features.

2. Why does PRP Hair Treatment Cost vary?

The wide range of PRP treatment costs in India is attributed to many factors. The foremost is the credibility of the doctors and their experience in this particular procedure. As the digital era has been playing a key role in making a wise decision by following reviews and ratings, the cost has also been decisive on the experience of dermatologists and the reputation of the clinic. As the cost of PRP treatment is secondary to the professional experience of the doctor and a positive outcome, many chose to get the maximum from the treatment.

The difference in cost is also attributed to the location of the clinics, with big cities charging high due to the high cost of living, whereas the same treatment could be afforded at a relatively low price in small towns. As people differ in many ways with respect to the biological aspects, the frequency of the treatment also varies. One can achieve a significant result with a few sessions, while others need multiple sessions to get the promising result.

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3. Is PRP treatment worth it?

The current clinical recommendation for the use of PRP is relatively high owing to the many benefits it offers for a long-term result. Several recent findings have high-quality evidence that supports the use of PRP for various clinical applications, including tendinopathy, osteoarthritis, muscle injury, hair growth as well as skin rejuvenation. In India alone, the success rate of PRP hair treatment has skyrocketed to 80-90 percent in the past few years. The success of such treatment is due to the effort of much scientific research and experiments conducted in a clinical setting.

Further, the consistency of PRP treatment conducted with regular setting and conjugated with medicines and other tropical treatments have resulted in more success rate of the treatment. Moreover, the treatment uses PRP isolated from the patient's own blood samples right at the time of treatment, thus avoiding the risk of contamination and unnecessary immunological reactions. PRP treatment is worth compared to other hair treatment plans because of the many valuable outcomes patients have received over time.

5. FAQs

How many times do we need PRP treatment for hair?

The key to a successful PRP treatment is its consistency. Typically, a session involves 3 settings with an interval of 5-6 weeks, giving enough time for the hair follicle rejuvenation. This time gap allows hair to adapt to the new treatment, and its success depends on a timely repetition of the procedure every 9-15 months. Depending on a person's biological makeup, the treatment requirements vary where some may need maintenance treatment at least twice a year while others may need it every year.

How long does PRP last for hair loss?

A combination of medicine and treatment is required to determine the effectiveness of PRP treatment. Taking good care of the body, eating healthy, and maintaining a stress-free life equally contribute to healthy scalp and hair growth. The PRP treatment is not a lifelong solution, and you will still require repeated sessions of PRP treatment to maintain the health of your hair.

Is PRP better than minoxidil?

Minoxidil helps with hair growth. However, it is a topical treatment to enhance hair growth. On the other hand, PRP is a natural growth factor and mix of nutrients that is non-surgically injected into the hair root. Researchers have concluded that PRP is much more effective than Minoxidil, where a significant decrease in short vellus hair was observed in PRP treatment.

Take Away

In this short report, we have discussed the topic “PRP hair treatment cost in India” and how effective the treatment can prove to people who are looking for an alternative for surgeries and other procedures. The differences in the PRP hair treatment cost are mainly due to the number of sessions required for an individual and the experience of the doctors. The effectiveness of the treatment and its worth is also highlighted in the report to give the readers an awareness to make a smart decision.

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