How long do hair transplants last?

21 July, 2022 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Hair transplants are known to provide permanent hair restoration solutions. Hair transplants enable thick, lustrous, natural hair growth. The hair that regrows in the transplanted region grows organically following the natural hair growth and shedding cycle.

However, people having terrific hair loss issues and aspiring for a fuller hair appearance often look for permanent solutions with less rework. They come up with questions like- how long do hair transplants last?

While the simple answer is that hair transplants last for a lifetime. One needs to be aware that their permanent solution is permanent if one takes care of the factors influencing a successful hair transplant.

This article gives you insights into these influencing factors while informing some tips and suggestions for long-lasting hair after a hair transplant.

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  1. Do Hair Transplants Last Long?
  2. Factors That decide How long will your hair transplant last
  3. Things that You should DO/Avoid to keep your hair long-lasting after a hair transplant
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion

1. Do Hair Transplants Last Long?

Worries regarding hair transplant permanence are justifiable. Evidence suggests that in most situations, hair transplants last for a lifetime. The hair follicles from the donor sites are relocated to the recipient or the bald areas.

The transplanted follicles follow the natural hair growth cycle that grows organically in conjugation with the surrounding hair, and the regrown hair behaves equivalent to the rest of the hair. Thus, guaranteeing hair transplants that easily blend with the surrounding hair post-surgery.

Though hair transplants require no extra maintenance and rework, proper aftercare and follow-ups are essential to keep hair strong and healthy throughout the lifetime.

There may be a possibility that people with pattern-baldness experience hair loss in the transplanted regions. Surgeons generally check with a family history of pattern baldness to assess how likely you are to have a hair loss in the future. Nevertheless, additional therapies and the creation of a thick hairline can help minimise such adversities.

When you undergo a hair transplant, you must understand that shedding is highly possible in the first initial months of the hair transplant. You will need to give time to heal and recover. On average, it may take nine months to a year for a complete recovery and visible results of a thick, long-lasting hairline after a hair transplant.

2. Factors that decide how long will your hair transplant last

As aforesaid, a hair transplant requires extended time to heal. An ample number of factors decide your hair transplant permanence and good recovery. Here are some highlighted factors that influence a long-lasting hair transplant.

  • Choosing a good doctor for your hair transplant: It is one of the first things you need to consider while going for a hair transplant. Your doctor must be competent and experienced in handling complicated and wide-ranging cases. At Medlinks, we have an extensively experienced and qualified medical team who can provide permanent and desired hair looks depending on your condition.
  • Opting for the right technique: Every hair loss condition is different, and the concept of “one size fits all” does not work here. Treatments and techniques are usually decided based on the severity and hair loss condition. Opting for the right technique takes you closer to permanent hair outcomes.
  • Proper diagnosis and intrinsic planning: It is crucial to evaluate the cause of hair loss. This can help analyse how to go about with the technique and treatment. Planning the surgery after a thorough hairline evaluation and future hair loss prediction can pave the way for a successful and permanent hair transplant.
  • Graft handling: Graft handling is a meticulous step in hair transplant. Be it FUT or FUE, grafts are extracted and placed with extreme caution while maintaining their integrity for long-lasting effects. Medlinks has a “feather touch” graft handling system that can prevent graft damage.
  • Graft placement: Remember that everyone does not have a similar hair growth pattern and so planning and placing the grafts in the right direction, angle, and orientation ensures the best, long-lasting results.
  • The donor area: The thickness and hair growth in the donor area is another important factor for a permanent hair transplant. The doctor will analyse the donor areas for their condition before choosing them as donors.
  • Post-surgery care: Following the doctor's instructions strictly after a hair transplant is paramount. This will ensure good healing and recovery for a long-lasting hair-look outcome.

3. Things that You should Do/Avoid to keep your hair long-lasting after a hair transplant

Care after a hair transplant is crucial. Here are some things you will need to follow for a long-lasting hair transplant.

  • It is required to sleep with your head in an elevated 45-degree position for the first one week after a hair transplant. This can help reduce swelling, discomfort, and pressure around the transplant site.
  • Avoid sleeping on the stomach or side during the first week of your surgery. Also, avoid rubbing the hairline over the pillows.
  • Take your antibiotics and pain-relieving medications as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Follow the “RICE” technique- rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the transplanted site for nearly 3 to 4 days post hair transplant.
  • Avoid touching the transplanted region for the first three days after surgery.
  • Do not wash your hair for a couple of days after the hair transplant. Even while washing the hair later, use a gentle shampoo and avoid washing aggressively.
  • You can use a conditioner for dry, itchy scalp.
  • You cannot dye your hair for a few months after a hair transplant. The fragile transplanted hair follicles may get damaged by the harsh chemicals of the hair dye.
  • Drinking plenty of water is essential. Hydration can help you recover faster while making your healing process more comfortable.
  • Avoid exposing the transplanted scalp to the extreme sun rays. It is essential to protect your scalp from potential sunburn.
  • Do not wear a hat, cap, or scarf during the first few days of the hair transplant.
  • Refrain from vigorous exercising and opt for moderate work-outs, yoga, and walking for the first week after hair treatment.
  • Smoking and alcohol intake before and after a hair transplant is a strict ‘NO.’ Abstain from nicotine products as well.
  • Your diet plays an important role when it comes to hair nourishment post-transplant. Have fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, calcium, and an iron-rich diet. Vitamin C and E are essential hair nutrients that you can have through foods.
  • Avoid fast foods, processed foods, and high sugar and carbohydrate foods.
  • Roughly 10 to 15% of your transplanted hair will be in the shedding phase. And shedding is common after a hair transplant. Do not stress or panic. The new growing hair post shedding will be stronger, thicker, and healthier.


4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is hair transplant safe?

It is essential to note that hair transplants are safe designed procedures that help you through safe hair restorations.

2. Do hair transplants grow back?

If done properly, 95% of the transplanted hair grows in 12 months (unless factors like covid, dengue etc intervene). In the long run (10 years plus), 80 to 85% retention of the transplant hair is seen. Some hair may thin or be lost as not every single hair from the donor hair is DHT resistant. And such hair may thin out over years.

3. Does the sun affect the hair transplant?

The transplanted area cannot bear the harsh sun rays as the chromatophores in this region darken with excess sun exposure, causing sunburns.

5. Conclusion

The article discusses how you can have a long-lasting hair transplant with minor changes or amendments post hair transplant in delhi. However, an ideal hair transplant can optimally provide long-lasting results with permanent hair growths.

To have an enduring hair appearance, you must consult us at Medlinks. Medlinks has best-in-class technology and highly experienced staff taking care of every nuance of a hair transplant.

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