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1 November, 2014 | Hair Loss
Hair fall is a regular activity and people normally lose around 50 strands of hair each day. You might not notice the fall as you lose some over your pillow, some while taking bath, rest throughout the day and thus it does not attract your attention.

However, hair that are on your towel and on the floor of your bathroom make you panic. But, they might not be all and you can be losing a lot more than what you can see. And to stop excessive hair fall, first you need to find its reason and then its treatment. Some of the common reasons for excessive hair fall and their popular treatment methods are briefed below.


Though Stress is just one of the reasons of excessive hair fall, but it should be discussed with priority. The reason for it is its deceptive nature. Many people lose hair due to stress and never realize the reason for their hair loss. And since hair loss due to various reasons known and unknown have similar symptoms, it is difficult to diagnose the actual reason and plan a treatment. In most of the cases hair grows back after the person has recovered from the stressful stage.


This is the single largest reason for excessive and irreversible hair loss both in men and women. The actual reason is genetic predisposition that triggers excessive production of DHT which further acts as poison to hair follicles. Hair fall caused due to genetic reasons are known as androgentic alopecia. It follows a similar pattern in male and diffused overall thinning of hair with intact hairline in women. The treatment for this type of hair loss has to be discussed with an expert hair loss surgeon. In most of the cases, hair transplantation is suitably the best treatment option.


If you are ill for long or are suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer then it is quite natural to lose excessively. The internal mechanism of body when reeling from prolonged illness or some specific diseases, fail to provide proper nutrition to hair follicle. And hence the hair falls out in large numbers. In such cases, there could be no treatment for hair loss; rather, hair grows back once you have recovered from the illness or the disease you are suffering from.


Pregnant women produce several kinds of hormone and due to pregnancy, level of various types of hormones including that of testosterone rise. The sudden and prolonged hike in level of certain hormones therefore triggers hair loss. And this continues till pregnancy lasts. This type of hair fall could not be contained through any measures. It is also advisable not to take any medicine to cease hair loss without consulting the doctor. Once the pregnancy is over, the hair starts growing back and in next three to six months of time, you will find your hair back and as healthy as before.

Apart from these reasons, excessive hair fall can also be due to improper care, use of harsh chemical based hair care products and it can also be due to increased number of hair entering resting phase. However, regardless of the reasons for the loss, hair fall not only put you in aesthetical peril but also put you through emotional and psychological pain.

And therefore, it should not be ignored and as soon as you witness hair loss, it is in your best interest to consult a hair loss treatment expert and get started with treatment for the same.


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