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25 October, 2017 | Hair Loss
In a society that views hair as a sign of good health, living with alopecia (hair loss) can be really challenging. Both men and women suffer from hair loss, and with it comes the bitter feeling of getting and looking older.

While medical technology is excelling in follicular unit grafting (commonly known as hair transplantation), many doctors ignore these major distress points a person with hair loss suffers from:

Inability to style hair

Camouflaging thinning hair becomes a necessity, and the inability to style them as desired leaves one frustrated.

Dissatisfaction with appearance

Hairline’s loss changes a person’s appearance drastically. It shifts the balance from face to forehead, resulting in an aged appearance.

Low self-esteem

Physical beauty has a lot to do with how confident we feel about ourselves. Self-esteem levels drop significantly when hair loss occurs.

Fear of not looking attractive to others

Especially for women, who stay in a culture that places value on youthful appearance and attractiveness, the setback of losing hair is quite intense.


Losing hair greatly impacts one’s behavior with the opposite sex. Loss of confidence, plus the need to camouflage hair (mostly with women) often leaves one down and out.

Hair loss often makes one the object of teasing and scorn, which also leads to anxiety and depression in extreme circumstances.

Emotions of envy and jealousy

Human trait of comparison brings out subconscious emotions of envy and jealousy toward people who have head full of hair.

Negative impact on social life

People who need to be in front of the camera suffer the most from hair fall. Social engagements drive us to look good which becomes difficult with a thinning hairline. Some people stop seeing their friends, and step out only for work.

The comments one receives from family and friends too add to the embarrassment. Considering the down falls of hair loss, choose a hair clinics like MedLinks, whose team of experts not only excel in follicular unit extraction & follicular unit transplantation, but also counsels the patient, and helps them choose the right treatment


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