Cicatricial Alopecia: Scarring Baldness

29 May, 2017 | Hair Transplant
What are the causes of permanent baldness and how are they cured, such questions arise in the minds of many. These questions further lead to the wonderment like what is hair transplant’s role in curing the baldness? As per the best doctor for hair transplant in Delhi, Cicatricial Alopecia is one of the major causes of permanent type of baldness and it can be treated with hair transplantation.

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Cicatricial Alopecia

Also known by the name of Scarring Alopecia, this condition is one of the rare disorders where the hair follicles get destroyed. Cicatricial Alopecia results in permanent loss of hair as the hair follicles in this disease get replaced by scar tissues, making the patient bald.

Causes of Cicatricial Alopecia

How this disease results in baldness? The answer is that Cicatricial Alopecia involves the activity of 2 types of immune cells, neutrophils or lymphocytes or both. These cells act upon the hair follicles by inflaming and destroying them.

The reason why Scarring Alopecia occurs is yet unclear. This disorder results in the swelling, redness, heat and pain in the upper part of hair follicles, at the location of sebaceous glands and stem cells. Once the stem cells and sebaceous glands get destroyed, hair follicles fail to regrow, resulting in permanent hair loss.


This disorder is not contagious, occurs in all the genders and is not commonly found in kids. As the hair follicles get destroyed permanently, the hair never grow back. It can be controlled with oral and topical medication in its initial stage, but in later stages, hair transplant is used to restore the lost hair.

The hair transplant reviews in Delhi for Cicatricial Alopecia are quite positive and one may undergo the restoration process after consulting the doctor.


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