All You Want To Know About Hair That Grows After Hair Transplant

8 May, 2014 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani
Hair over the head is integral to human look but no one ever care to bother about why and how it grows.

We all take it for granted that it will remain with us throughout the life. In childhood, no matter how cruel the saloon staff or the barber was when they keep cutting the hair short till the scalp were visible; our faithful hair grew back for another round of cutting. However, for some of us, when we grew up, the hair was not so much in favor and hair loss glared on our look and face, revealing that hair needs care.

But, by the time we already have lost much of hair, the main concern is to get them back. Thankfully, we live in a time that has advanced medical infrastructure, facilities and treatment methods to bring back the lost hair. So, disheartened with the irreversible loss of hair, when you consult a hair loss treatment expert or surgeon, you come to know about hair transplant surgeries.

There are several methods of hair transplant surgery that are largely popular in the present time. You can consult your surgeon and choose a procedure that fits your requirement and budget. You get a date for your surgery and it is carried out with expertise. Now what; you look into the mirror and hope that you might see a lot of hair budding out of your scalp.

Though you know that it won’t be so, not for some span of time, but you still desperately hope to see if the surgery has corrected your problem. Many people do try to feel the grafted hair and wish they grow quickly, but in a week’s time they are shocked to see that their transplanted hair wears away. It seems to be a panic situation, but is not really anything as such. Further, people are also shocked with the growth and its texture and color. Therefore, to save yourself from undesired agony it is best to know beforehand, all about the hair that grows after hair transplant. Some of the most important points that you must know are as follows.


The growth stage of the transplanted hair can be different from the native hair that once grew over the recipient area. However, the aging process is similar to any other hair. When the grafts are transplanted, it takes some hours to a week’s time to get them rooted in the scalp. Once they are well rooted, the visible part of the hair falls off. And with time, may be between three months to nine months, you will again see new hair coming from the grafts. These hairs will then live and grow as any other natural hair.


The nature of the hair consists of its color, length and thickness. In the beginning, the hair that first grows out of a graft might not be like other hair and will have feeble color, will look weak and thin. The length will also be comparatively short. However, with time, it will grow long, dark, strong and shiny.


It is a factor that primarily depends upon the health of the transplanted graft. If the grafts were good, healthy and strong and the hair that were to grow from it were in their initial phase of Anagen, then the hair will keep on growing for another two or three years. However, if the grafts have hair in their last phase of Anagen, then the hair that grows out of them might fall of in a year or so. However, a new hair will always grow back after the Telogen phase is over.

Affects of DHT

All the processes of hair transplant are based on principle of ‘Donor Dominance’; and therefore, if the grafts were extracted from area of scalp that has DHT resistant hair follicles then the hair growing out of those grafts will be resistant to the levels of DHT and thus the hair will keep on growing without being affected from DHT.

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