Can Hair Tie Damage Your Hair and Remedial Measures

11 October, 2014 | Hair Loss
Though men do not generally keep long hair that need to be tied but if men with long hair are tying it then they too should read it till the end along with women who more often than not have to tie their hair. So, the question is, does tying your hair damage it. The plain one word and obvious answer to this question is, yes, tying your hair also damages it.

But, the major concern is what you can actually do to save your hair from damaged caused due to tying them. Though there are not many things you can do, but there are some must to follow measures that will certainly allow you to tie your hair and without fear of losing them to damages caused due to tying.

Let your hair dry

No matter how busy you are and no matter how short you are running of time, it is in your interest to allow your hair to dry properly, before you could tie it up. When the hair is wet, it is more prone to damage and even upon mild tension caused due to tying the hair come out along with their root and follicles. And most of such hair may not grow back ever. So, to prevent hair loss due to tying your wet hair, it is advisable to allow your hair to get dry.

Do not tie it hard

Most of the people find their open hair too disturbing. It does fall over your eye and cause all sorts of distraction. But then do not tie as if you want to punish your hair. After all they are all yours and you genuinely love them. But when you tie them up tough, and make it a practice, the tension caused due to tying weakens the bond of hair follicles and scalp tissue. And in the long run, it causes loss of hair. More importantly, the hair line recedes due to tying your hair up harsh. So, next time it is better to go easy with your hair and tie is with care.

Enjoy a hair day

It is really tough to find a leisure day just for your hair, but whenever you do not need to go out and you can bear your hair down, it is best not to tie it up. And most importantly, when you are sleeping, you should keep your hair down and untied. Moreover, in your leisure day, you should also not forget to pamper your hair with mild oiling as it will allow your hair to absorb required moisture and shine and glide over the elastic that you use to tie your hair with.

More importantly you should also care for overall health of your hair as it will ensure great hair even if you tie it up occasionally. It is also advisable to use a better quality of elastic or ponytail to tie your hair as it does not break them; rather allow your hair to glide even if it is tied harshly.


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