7 Myths about Hair Loss

17 October, 2019 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani
Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that affects a large number of people all over the world. It can occur due to a variety of reasons such as genetics, lifestyle, poor diet, and other health conditions.

While the condition can be reversed, many people are still surrounded by various myths that restricts them from achieving the desired hair growth. 

Some of the common hair loss myths are:

1. Hair loss is inherited from either the mother, father, or grandparents 

You can inherit hair loss traits from both of your parents’ genes. According to some research, hair loss occurs due to the interaction between various genes inherited from both the parents. Read more about the relation between genes and hair loss

2. Hair loss treatments are not effective

This is one of the biggest myths that stops people from getting their lost hair as well as confidence back. Contrary to the myth, there are various effective hair loss treatments available at the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi that can ensure a natural-looking hairline with perfection.

3. Dietary patterns have no impact on hair loss

Crash diet or any diet that is devoid of essential vitamins, proteins, iron, and minerals can have a direct impact on the feel, strength, and appearance of your hair. 

4. Regular shampooing leads to hair loss

Shampooing is the first and foremost step towards healthy hair. It cleans your scalp and helps your locks remain smooth and shiny. Moreover, shampooing only removes the hairs that have already become detached from the base of the hair follicles. 

5. Cutting hair leads to hair growth 

Cutting hair does not lead to stronger or weaker hair. As hair is a non-viable tissue, it cannot be grown simply by cutting. Though the hair appears thicker due to the added volume, the hair strands will not become fuller after cutting.

6. Hats cause baldness

Hair follicles don’t require air to breathe, they get their oxygen from the bloodstream. Thus, wearing a hat does not cause baldness. However, wearing a tight hat can put pressure on the head, leading to traction alopecia. 

7. Plucking one grey hair can lead to numerous grey hairs

Grey hair occurs when melanocytes stop producing the pigment (melanin) which is responsible for giving the hair its natural color. However, this doesn’t mean that plucking one grey hair can lead to multiple grey hairs sprouting from the head. 

Don’t fall prey to the above-mentioned hair loss myths. If you’re suffering from hair loss, visiting the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi can prove to be highly beneficial for your hair health. 

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