Trichotillomania - All you need to know about Hair Pulling Disorder

25 November, 2019 | Hair Loss
Also known as trich or hair pulling disorder, trichotillomania is the repetitive, irresistible urge to pull out the hair strands from the head, eyebrows or other parts of the body. In most cases, it acts as a coping mechanism which helps some people to deal with stress and anxiety.

However, it is important to understand that this recurrent pulling out of hair from the scalp can damage the hair follicles, leading to hair loss or even permanent baldness. According to the top hair transplant surgeons in Delhi, though this hair pulling behaviour often provides a sense of relief to the people, it can lead to all kinds of hair problems.

Signs and Symptoms

Some of the major signs and symptoms of trichotillomania include:

• Repeatedly pulling out of hair from different parts of the body

• Increased sense of distress before pulling out the hair strands

• A sense of ecstasy after pulling out the hair

• Noticeable hair loss, such as hair thinning on the scalp or other parts of the body

• Playing, chewing or eating the pulled out hair strands

Causes of Trichotillomania

The exact cause of trichotillomania is not clear. However, there are various factors that may contribute to the development of the condition. Some of the major factors include:

1. Genetics – Genes may play an extremely important role in the development of trichotillomania. This disorder is more likely to develop in those whose family members have been suffering from this condition. 

2. Age – According to the best hair transplant surgeons, trichotillomania occurs to more girls than boys between 12-13 years of age. Though teenagers and young adults are more susceptible to this condition, it can affect people of all ages. 

3. Stress or anxiety – Extreme levels of stress or anxiety may trigger trichotillomania.

4. Other disorders – People with trichotillomania may also suffer from other disorders such as depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Prevention and Treatment

As this disorder involves the continuous urge of pulling out the hair strands, here are some tips that can help prevent the condition:

• Whenever urge strikes, use a fidget toy

• Take a soothing shower to relieve stress or anxiety

• Practice deep breathing exercises until the urge vanishes

• Wear a tight-fitting hat to avoid hair pulling 

Trichotillomania is a chronic disorder that requires early diagnosis and timely treatment. The first and foremost part of the treatment includes getting professional help. So if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, visit the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi which offer all types of scalp and hair loss treatments.

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