Can Thyroid Disease Lead to Hair Loss?

17 July, 2018 | Hair Loss
From genetics to improper eating habits, a number of factors have been blamed for causing the problem of hair loss in both men and women. The relationship between thyroid disorder and hair loss has been a popular subject of discussion for quite some time now. In fact, thyroid disorder is another major factor which has been linked with hair thinning, hair loss and changes in hair texture.

Thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck, and has a function of releasing hormones into the bloodstream. It has been seen that if the thyroid gland doesn’t function properly, the body isn’t able to metabolize food into energy and this can lead to the hair loss problem. Some of the thyroid disorders that can lead to hair loss include:


In this condition, the thyroid gland is under-active and produces fewer thyroid hormones than it should resulting in hair thinning and hair loss on the scalp.


Rapid hair loss can be a result of hyperthyroidism wherein the thyroid gland is overactive and produces more hormones than it should.


This condition occurs due to a bacterial or viral infection and causes inflammation of the thyroid. As it adversely affects the functioning of the thyroid gland, it can lead to hair loss problem.


Hair loss and balding can also be symptoms of a serious condition known as “myxedema” which can be caused due to both hyperthyroidism as well as hypothyroidism.

Understanding the hair cycle is essential to know the connection between hair loss and thyroid. There are three stages of hair cycle – growth, resting and shedding. As a result of thyroid imbalance, the resting phase of the hair gets extended interrupting the growth phase. This leads to hair thinning, hair loss, and conditions like female pattern baldness.

Proper functioning of the thyroid glands is essential for optimal hair growth. Some of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder include:

  • Sudden changes in weight
  • Abnormal menstruation
  • Neck pain or swelling
  • Mood swings which lead to irritability, nervousness, and anxiety
  • Lethargy or insomnia
  • Dry skin or hair

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