14 Food Items to Include in Your Diet

2 June, 2017 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani
Lately, people have been spending a lot of time looking for answers for ‘what is hair transplant treatment,’ ‘what is hair transplant cost,’ 'ways for hair restoration,’ etc. without reflecting over their dietary habits and lifestyle. Major factors like genetics, age, hormones, pollution, water, stress, etc. affects hair’s behaviour, but nothing tops the list like the food that you eat.

And though hair transplant is an easy, safe and an affordable option thanks to technological advancement, by eating a nutrient rich diet you can influence your hair’s growth, thickness, lustre and even its likelihood of greying.

Here are 14 food items, few commonly known and few unusual that are a blessing in disguise for a healthy mane:

Avocado Oil

One of nature’s healthiest food, avocado’s moisturizing quality along with its properties that stimulate hair growth and make them thicker, longer and stronger makes it hair’s best friend. Avocado also repairs damaged follicles, helps get rid of dandruff and strengthens cell membranes.


This beautiful fruit stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the body, prevents premature aging, and even cures damage caused by sun rays. And if this is not enough, then the presence of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, thiamin, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, potassium among others plays a vital role in maintaining hair’s health.

Pumpkin Seeds

Blessed with nutrients from manganese to copper to protein and zinc, pumpkin seeds promote sleep, an important factor to maintain sound health. Moreover, the magnesium in it help dissolve calcium deposit in the hair follicles thus protecting them from hard water effects.


Known to fight off infections and parasites, pineapple also increases blood circulation, thus sending more oxygen to the scalp. A storehouse of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, etc., pineapple also helps heal faster in addition to defending against infections.


With anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effects, oats protect against scalp irritation, stops hair loss, leads to better blood flow, and also removes excess oil and dirt when applied topically as a mask.


Surprisingly, guavas can help maintain the strength of hair along with preventing hair loss. It also plays an important role in repairing scalp damage caused due to chemical treatments that have resulted in hair thinning on top of protecting hair from damage by UV rays.


A versatile player, it reduces the damage caused by UV rays, reduces the effects of aging, slows down the process of hair loss and male pattern balding, enhances the growth of healthy hair, reduces breakage and falling, etc. Papaya also soothes rough hair when applied topically and helps with many scalp infections.

By having a nutrient rich diet, you will not only move towards a healthier body, but in this case healthier hair as well. Stay tuned to know about the other 7 super foods that can help you stay away from hair problems. Precaution is better than cure! This phrase aptly suits when it comes to our health, especially that of our hair where staying cautious is the best way out.

Though technology has made hair transplant treatment easy, safe and affordable, you certainly do not wish to be looking at yourself with balding hairline in the first place. It is therefore important to take extra good care of what you eat to always have healthy and shiny hair to flaunt. After the previous list of 7 superfoods, here the rest of them that will keep your hair thick and lustrous as well as your scalp disease free:


Including liver in your diet will not only boost hair growth but also help you curb problems like dandruff, and help in proper functioning of hormones leading to growth of hair.


An incomparable functional food, honey has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that along with its enzymes and nutrients will give your dull hair shine without weighing them down. Additionally, its humectant properties help regulate and retain moisture in hair, plus strengthen hair follicles for healthy growth.


Great for detoxification which is essential for overall health, almonds also shields against sun exposure and minimizes damage caused by UV rays. Its nourishing properties softens, strengthens & nourishes the hair, and enables hair growth.


Beans fulfil potassium requirement in the body to a great extent, thus eliminating the chance of hair fall. Other than this they stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair, maintain scalp health, and leave you with shiny, long, strong and thick hair.


Mushrooms can play a substantial role in treating hair problems like greying, hair loss, dandruff, scalp infections, etc. They also promote proper functioning of hormones consequently leading to increased hair growth. Mushrooms must be added to the diet to ease various anti-inflammatory conditions.

Green Peas

Apart from slowing down the aging process, green peas help build collagen, which is highly necessary for hair growth as well as preventing brittle hair. They also reduce the oxidative damage maintaining the strength.


The perfect food item to include in the diet to nourish the scalp; maintain hair health, volume, quality and lustre; prevent hair fall; and leave you with lively and lustrous tresses.

Now that you know about 14 super foods, are you ready to walk your way to better hair? These scientifically proven food items will help you maintain your hair and prevent hair loss.

If despite all precautions and a wholesome diet you suffer from hair loss, the right decision will be to consult the best hair transplant clinic. MedLinks in Delhi is quite renowned for their understanding and treatment, especially that of male pattern hair loss.

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