Using Your Hair to Create Your Uniquely Individual Hair Restoration

29 May, 2015 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani
The objective of hair transplantation has always been to provide the patient a natural hair look that lets him/her express her unique identity without any worries. Recent advancements in hair transplantation methods, strategies and innovation have led to this objective becoming more realistic among patients these days.

At the point of time, when hair transplantation initially began in the mid-Twentieth Century, the objective was to restore hair in more areas of the scalp with the help of plug-graft technology and other methods operational during those times. Patients were satisfied with the results they obtained by undergoing these procedures which restored their hair in regions where balding was extensive.

Most patients obtained a pluggy look after the procedure was performed which most patients thought was unavoidable since lots of healthy hair follicles used to be transplanted from one region of the scalp to the balding areas of the scalp. At times a talented and experienced transplant specialist had the capacity to veil the pluggy look of the patient.

In the 21st century the guiding philosophy of hair transplantation took a radical turn. Though ‘coverage area’ of hair transplantation was given importance yet obtaining a more natural look after the procedure was conducted became the guiding philosophy of the century. Hair specialists had ample techniques and choices with them for carrying out hair transplantation which would result in a more natural restored hair look than previous times.

In this context it is significant to understand what the term ‘natural hair look’ essentially means:

Attainment of natural hair look is in no way attached to the idea of hair-for-hair replacement since it is impractical and not feasible. Every lost hair can’t be restored by the procedure of hair transplantation yet the procedure can still restore hairs to an extent that they don’t appear different from rest of the hair. Besides, human eye can’t detect a difference between 50% to 100% hair density at almost any part of the scalp except the hairline.

‘Natural hair- look’ stresses the point that a person’s individuality should stand out rather than quantity of hair present in the balding areas. The natural hair-look restores the natural pattern of hair growth within the balding regions, makes one’s face stand out, and offers the opportunity to make one’s hair the part of the overall appearance.

Natural hair look may also refer to the plan of hair restoration that may be taken by your hair specialist so that the growth occurs in accordance to your existing hairs and visible hair loss patterns. There isn’t a single way of restoring hair and every individual would require an individualized hair restoration plan so as to get the best results. This is only possible when different techniques and technology are used to achieve the required results. A hair specialist may creatively make use of technology by combining finasteride( Propecia) and minoxidil( Rogaine) drugs after, before or during hair transplantation to successfully obtain better results. This step may also delay the requirement of hair transplantation in younger patients while stimulating hair growth in older patients.

For some hair specialists, ‘natural hair look’ may refer to the concept of inculcating a hair-loss pattern within the hair restoration plan in order to achieve just the right look. This sort of plan may be most suitable for situations when there’s a meager amount of donor hair available for hair transplant, or there is a situation of moderate to extensive hair loss or even hair loss may still be in progress.

Though there are very few hair-loss patterns present in which one may inculcate a hair restoration plan, yet if a proper analysis of a man’s hair loss patterns takes place, he may be sufficiently happy with the sort of hair restoration that may cover up the areas of hair loss and provide him a better look. Newer methods like mini, micro and follicular-unit grafting are excellent procedures which can be used to make ‘less hair’ look denser in quantity.

Whenever a hair specialist opts for a ‘natural hair look restoration plan’ he/she must keep in mind the fact that how well the procedure will stand the test of time. It’s essential that your hair look the same at the age of 20, 30 or even at the age of 40. Good hair restoration planning from the specialist’s side should provide you the desired results in the initial go but to maintain your natural appearance for long you may need to go for minor hair transplantation sessions so as to keep up with progressive hair loss situation.

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